Wednesday, December 2, 2015

o n t h e r o a d . . . f r o m N o v e m b e r . . . t o D e c e m b e r . . . w i t h L o v e !

h e l l o L o v e l i e s !

. . . just returned home from Thanksgiving in Boise, Idaho.

it was the very first time Mr D and i travelled "over the river (s), (mountains), and through the 

woods" for Thanksgiving. i kept cozy in the Expo, and in our hotel room under 

the quilt my mom made for me two Thanksgivings ago. 

it has been six years since we spent a Thanksgiving Day with our son Jay,

as the holiday falls smack dab, in the height of football season.

we chose a hotel suite with a full kitchen so he and Mr D could prepare 

appetizers for grilling. we had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at Jay's

girlfriend Camille's family home.

Friday, ( Apple Cup morning) Jay greeted us with warm CRIMSON cups from Starbucks.

( we have embraced the controversial RED CRIMSON cups from day one . . . laughing all

 the way . . . likening them to the RED CRIMSON SOLO cups on those

"COLLEGE" weekends at WSU!  )

we grabbed our coffees and headed to the television station where Jay transitioned

into Boise State colors for a one hour pre - game show.  it's amazing what a green screen can

 do. before we knew it we were on the sideline at San Jose State. 

the "Mom" in me asked to see the Edward R. Murrow Award Jay earned for his station this

year.  we checked it out . . . the award had arrived . . . not yet unwrapped. Jay studied

 broadcast journalism at The Edward R. Murrow School Of Communications at Washington

State University. to see his award was a big deal to his dad and me. 

behind the scenes at a sports director's desk.

breaking news . . .

we then set out to Dave and Buster's where we could watch the Apple Cup, Boise State vs San

Jose State and have a plug in for Jay's laptop. Camille and her mom and dad met up with us.

Mr D and i  each had a glass of  "Angry Orchard" in honor of Apple Cup.

we lost.  the loss was predicted as our starting quarterback was injured.

despite Falk's injury, and the Apple Cup loss, WSU had it's best football season since 2003,

achieving a national ranking and a bowl bid. Go Cougs!

on our last night in Boise, Stephanie and Craig, ( Camille's mom and dad), treated

us to one of my best meals ever, at an amazing Brazilian restaurant called Barbacoa.

my phone takes very poor images in dimmed lighting, but i went

crazy with my little camera, as i wanted to capture every inspiring detail of

this  amazing restaurant.

i LOVED how it was decked for Autumn! i can only imagine how it will transcend into


at last ! 

a sweet night out away from sports and breaking news.

yes, my lemon drops were dropped into a glass made of ice!

(i also tried a sip of  Mr D's "new age wine".)

a peek into the bar.

. . .  and a peek into my powder room stall.
( there is a shadow box with an amazing shoe in each.)
check out the reflection!
(pink marble . . . chandeliers . . . mirrors . . . chrystals)
i was in . . ."i have to share this with my Lovelies heaven"!

hello dearest December!

chapter 12 of 12!

to a blessed and sparkling ending chapter before we begin our next new novel !