Sunday, November 1, 2015

C a m e r o n ' s C r o s s

h e l l o L o v e l i e s !

as i look back onto the day that i found this cross at Dore's shop in September, my mind

and my heart were overwhelmed.  a few days prior, our dear friend had passed after a long

and valiantly fought illness. the month before, we nearly lost mom.  my class reunion,

planned and pulled together "on a wing and a prayer",  was only five days away.

the moment i viewed the peaceful sculpture, i knew it had a place and a purpose in my life.

i t ' s  a  g i r l ! "

(Chrislyn and Jason went old school, waiting to find out the gender of their baby

 until the day of birth! )

+ +  on that day in September, could God have given me a little hint that the

 beautiful hand sculpted Cartapesta cross would be for my new granddaughter to be? + +

through "art" in  our life, he did.

+ + Cameron's cross  + +
( baptized today, November first, twenty - fifteen )


:: all images are from Dore' Calloway's shop Burlap Luxe here!
::  you will find a brief article about the history of Cartapesta here!