Saturday, October 31, 2015

j u s t o n e p i c !

t o  m y  h a u n t i n g l y  b o o t i f u l L o v e l i e s !

 thank you for your wonderful wishes upon the arrival of our new granddaughter!

i am certain that you know that i have been quite preoccupied of late.

i am easing back into my blog routine! have a safe, sweet and savory Halloween! 

( please save an almond Snickers bar for me. )


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

p e t i t e . . . f i l l e . . . e s t . . . a r r i v é !

o h L o v e l i e s !

five pounds, one point eight ounces.

she arrived two weeks early!

her home inside her mommy wasn't quite as comfy as it once was.

the cord that nourished her for eight months and two weeks was now 

was not working in her favor. she wanted out into her new world, and she

let her mommy know it! 

since she was so tiny, she needed size "0".

her big sister and brother and i made a quick stop at our local

one stop shopping place . . . 

. . . where we landed on some SWEET s e r e n d i p i t y !

Couture Carters Cartier?

layette parfait!

 meet petite Cameron.

( i have never held a baby less than 7 pounds. )

her mommy and daddy went "old school". . . not learning the gender until delivery day!

our family is blessed once again.