Tuesday, August 4, 2015

j u s t o n e p i c . . .

at the start of each day, i seek one special image pic.
(it can even be an image of well thought words.)

this is how i meditate ( not in the real sense ) relieve my mind.

sip a little coffee . . . peruse the sites . . .

if found, 

i let it set the tone for my day.

on occasion, on a whim, i share it with you.

i admit that i don't always find the "it pic" every day.


yesterday started as a perfect day.

 . . . the morning off with our precious grands.

brought them "Top Pot" doughnuts.

"my favorite is strawberry" . . .  for Holland.

"i like chocolate" . . . for Ben.

Chrislyn and Jason returned from the doctor with the best news.

the initial concerns of pregnancy complications from an earlier

ultrasound were completely ruled out.  ( the word miracle crossed

all of our minds.)  


when Chrislyn called her grandma to give her

the good news, grandpa answered the phone. grandma had just taken

a fall. (that fall that we anticipate at her age.)  my morning off would

now turn into a day off.  luck was on her side, as our preferred orthopedic

 surgeon was the surgeon "on call".  after a long day of clinic,

he came over to fix my mom's hip - femur.

dad and i left her resting comfortably at 10:00 pm.


this morning,

when i first laid eyes of this perfect room with a view in Paris,

i thought . . .wow!

 then i thought . . . 

would i bring a glass of red wine into this room?


 i would take it out into the Paris air so we could both breathe.

breath in  . . .  breathe out . . .

it's a new day!


Monday, August 3, 2015

b e f r i n g e d . . . b y t h e s e a . . .

Honeymoon Tulip

where would i 

wear fringe?

(have you noticed the rise of this edgy fashion phenomenon?)

for me it would be a perfect choice for cover on a honeymoon

 or second honeymoon  . . .

. . .  where the sand meets the sea. 

 hemmed to move . . .

 . . . festooned to dance in the ocean breeze.

befringed . . .

 by - the - sea . . .

  happy August #STYLEFOCUS to my beautiful bloggy - befriends!


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