Friday, July 31, 2015

f r e n c h b r e a d o n f r i d a y . . .

"Tour de FBNYC!"

 each baguette has it's own signature style, doesn't it? 

d'abord, la bicyclette!

120 Essex St. (at Delancey St.)

Columbus Circle @ Time Warner.

 ( only in my dreams! )

be still my heart Thomas Keller.
(if you want to take an online dream (food of your life) detour go here.)

oops! back on the vélo in NYC . . .

hmmmm . . .

 how about tickets to an artisan bread baking class @ il Buco?
 ( i know, it's Italian)

then there is L A F A Y E T T E on Lafayette !
(un bonbon de la cérémonie de France)



( skipping Whole Foods . . . we have 'em back home. )

on to . . .

BREADS BAKERY @ Union Square!
(love the front and center clip board.)

inspired by Maison Kayser - 5 ingredients, nine locations in NYC.
( i am thinking . . . the recipe for French bread would look very cool in the kitchen here on 34.)

 charming . . . charming  . . . 

charming . . . Balthazar!

 i have printed their menu for gift wrap before!

a little grab to go "on the way" from old school NYC Citerella!
they are big on "game day" fare!

le tour ends at Amy's
hell's kitchen * Chelsea market * the Village

back on 34.

now, about that blank wall . . .

i think it may need "the recipe"!
( . . . got to find a cool clean font! )