Saturday, July 4, 2015

l i v i n g & l o v i n g " t h i s " d a y !

To: Americans
From: The Framers

A   B I R T H D A Y   D E C L A R A T I O N !
(you do not look a day over 200, beautiful!)

h a p p y  239!

. . . w i t h o v e !
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Friday, July 3, 2015

f r e n c h b r e a d o n f r i d a y . . .

:: ici ::

i t ' s h o l i d a y e v e L o v e l i e s !

 . . . and i have the day off!

 . . . so does Mr D!

* * *

waaaaay . . . back, when i was in high school, i was in French Club!

 does this little fact about me not surprise you?


a reaffirmation that this whole French connection has never been "un passant FANCI."

back to French club . . .

we made buttons and sold them to raise money for our classroom activities.

(classroom budgets have always needed to be supplemented with additional efforts.)

the two best selling buttons read . . .


which actually translates to "was down with monday".

or as we called it!  "down with Monday"!


my favorite!

the Friday button, and #1 seller.

pas travail 

bravo!  not (no) work tomorrow!

to this day lovelies, i say this to myself as i shut down my computer and

pack my tote at the end of the work week.

when i officially retire from the work world, i plan to paint the term on canvas . . .


. . . and have it scrolled on my retirement cake!

oui encore!

* * * 

the temp on 34 nearly hit 100 yesterday . . .  so out of the ordinary for the Pacific Northwest!

Mr D and i cooked, ate dinner and spent the evening out on our deck.

if you heard our music mix, you would laugh.

rock - hard rock - soul - folk - a touch of country - current -  and . . . Bocelli & Piaf.

such a mix.

Mr D is big on the tenors.  perhaps it's because his father was born in Italy.

 a tenor's voice was his father's favorite spin on the stereo in his childhood  home.

last night, the music went from Sweet Baby James to Jimmy Page to . . . this.

i loved it because it was French. he loved it because he loves listening

Bocelli, al fresco . . .  and Piaf takes him to the era of WWII.  Mr D is a history buff!

i staged it so you may chanter en français, ( only if you wish to.)

* * * 

  brocante et botanicals . . . fraîche!

 . . . a find @ H&M . . . here and here and here!

( yes, that tablecloth is only 19.99! )

happy fbof!

i will be back to bring in "The Colors"  tomorrow!


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

W e d n e s d a y = w e l l n e s s

h e l l o B e a u t i f u l s !

i know that i have likely posted this quote before.

it's me in a nutshell. 

it's how i live . . . 

perhaps that's why i love blog land.

 you validate my "splendid adventure"!

* * *

Wednesday is a perfect day for me to turn "inward".

i schedule a half way there hour of self care focus.
( mid week maintenance)

but first . . .

 a confession, and a new found treasure.

i make it difficult for myself to go to the gym.

i cannot tell you why.

( maybe it's because i am away from "34" nine - plus hours - 5 days a week . . .

 . . . when i arrive home, i don't want to leave again! )

i do not like going in the morning.

this is my alone time.

i like alone time.

i'm not a fan of the treadmill.  the elliptical is ok.  i do like bike!

suis-je faire des excuses?
( am i making excuses?)


i am pleased to say that i found the perfect piece of stay at home workout equipment for me!

it's light and movable.

a re - bounder!

i love it!

i found it here.

i went with the best review, ( i read them all ), at a moderate price.  i didn't buy the top of the line,

because i wanted to make sure that this bounce would be beneficial for me!

i could not be more impressed.

the workout that comes with this apparatus is a circuit workout that

combines cardio, resistance, pure barre and yoga!

very cool.


  very hot!

it makes me sweat!

 there are many workouts available for the re - bounder/jogger. 

it's easy on my knees.

in my current shape and condition. it's a perfect "fit" for me.


 back to Wednesday!

after my workout, i head to my in home spa bathroom, where i comb argon oil into my hair, 

mask my face, dry brush, and give myself a mini manicure . . . i relax . . . drink a 

glass of fruit infused water, towel my pillow, spray it with lavender,

 lay down on our freshly made bed 'til the top coat dries.

 . . . a little breather. . . eyes closed.

then it's into the shower for a quick over the counter drug store detox on the cheap.

this big bottle can be found for under five dollars.

 . . . and it holds an added little bonus dose of magnesium!

Wednesday is not a self tanner day. this is my essential oil it up day!
(self tanner does not have the optimum effect when applied with oil.)

i make my own oil it up concoction, which always starts with a base of jojoba oil.

good oils to mix in are almond, neroli, and lavender.

i finish with an oil blend between my toes and on my pulse points.

that's it!

just in time to let the Chocolate Gousse out for her last tour of the back yard 

 before i depart for the clinic!

the subtle fragrance from the oils is perfect for a medical environment.

i have patients say . . . " you smell so good" . . . "what fragrance are you wearing?"

( you see, we're not allowed to wear a parfum or eau d' toilette)

this special blend is all about spreading wellness!  

i'll tell you about the pleasantly aromatic oil blend on my next wellness Wednesday!

. . . just scheduled my appointment for next week!

( yes!  i'm one that needs to write it down!  i distract easily - hence she's

a beautiful mess!)

 . . . and no i do not think that i am a beauty.

i am quite happy with cute, funny and silly.

. . . also likened to the amazing Ina Garten.

(grandma contessa?  love it! )

 honest impressions, out of the mouths of my precious grands.

am i blessed or what!!!


( i was not compensated for any of the products mentioned in this post.)

Monday, June 29, 2015

p r o j e c t B i r t h d a y . . .

h e l l o L o v e l i e s !

i decided to take on a small project.

why not make a birthday card when a friend's
 birthday pops up on facebook?

Taundra, a crafter . . . she's always posting and

pinning craft ideas . . .

Jordan is a classy little momma.  she loves decorating, junking,

farmer's markets, and works as a legislative aid to a U.S. congresswoman.

my two nieces . . .  Brena, a sweet little hardworking mom

who facilitates the recruitment of physicians to her health care system, and 

her little sis Kelsey, who studied culinary arts and is now a stay at home

mom with a suburban backyard filled with chickens,

a huge garden, and three boys under the age of 5.

Grace moved from 34th street years ago. 

she and i grew to know each other through PTA.

we cut and pasted the elementary school yearbooks . . . old school style . . . before digital.

sadly, she gave the ultimate sacrifice, loosing her only son, Michael

 in Afghanistan seven years ago.  please don't let this make you sad.

Grace will be comforted that i took this moment and platform to remember her amazing son.

our elementary school library bears his name. we are very tight community.

{ bless you, Grace.}

this image of Hawaii easily transitioned  into . . . University of Washington

purple and gold for dearest Annie!

i played with the same graphics for Annie's little sister Karen.

Annie and Karen are the daughters of my matron on honor and mentor 

in my teen years, Dotti.  Annie and Karen are beautiful

mommas, who masterfully balance home and careers in real estate and banking.

. . . that little reminder home plate is always ready for our favorite sports guy.

. . . and speaking of birthdays!

"Holland Grace, are your ready to see your Fixer Upper?"

Tonight on HGBD 6pm PDT!