Friday, June 19, 2015


i t ' s F r i d a y L o v e l i e s !

...still on the fast track here on 34!

when life is busy, and there is good and bad stress,  it's important to take time to indulge!

we have our go to movies in this house.

this one is in the my mix.

 the film did not receive the greatest reviews, but the cast is fabulous.

...even special cameos of Leslie Caron.

  i have been captivated by Mlle.Caron since childhood.

my memory tells me that she may have been the first to draw me to the French culture.

when i saw her appear in a scene in front of le chocolaterie...

my mind went...omgosh...Leslie Caron!

oh...she is still beautiful...élégant!

i miss her leading men...Gene Kelly...Fred Astaire...Cary Grant.

{ yes...another go to for me is Father Goose!}

do you know that she made 45 films between 1951 and 2003?

{her firstbefore i was born...she's is close to the age of my mom and dad.}


if i was asked to draw an image of a perfect French woman,

i would draw Juliette Binoche. 

  then there's Depp...and Dench and so many more.

a little escape...

a little rebellion...

a little romance...

a little lesson about life.

{ a guiltless bite of french bread for me. }

when the movie ends, i am always drawn to the kitchen to make

something chocolat!

 for a day or so i say..."i know your favorite!"

...ahhhh chocolat! : )

about a year ago i was introduced to Kari Gran skin care by

this chic and kind blog friend.  Kari's products are a natural, and have been

welcomed by my skin. through Kari's blog, i became acquainted with

Sophie Uliano. she holds a wealth of knowledge when it comes

to natural living.  i have learned much from her recent book.

although, i am not quite ready to jump into a total vegan lifestyle,

bit and pieces of her program, have me headed in a healthier direction.

...oh! it's good for me chocolat!

last summer, i broke out in the worst rash from my sunless tanner.

Sophie's blog lead me to try a new natural alternative.

~ i had me at "stick it in a French crate", hello! ~

Chocolate Sun has all natural tanning studios in

Santa Monica and

Beverly Hills.

{ très chic, mes amis! }

i thought it was worth a try...

why not bring this chic indulgence home to 34.

...and YES!  it smells like chocolate.

...and YES!  a chocolat indulgence without one single calorie!

it works for me so far.

i love it!

i have made Sophie's book and blog, a little class for me.

i actually study, take notes, journal at times.

 like "old school", i have a notebook - spiral binder.

my blog seems to be taking a turn to self care for Summer 2015.

(i am not being compensated for mentioning Sophie, or the products

that i have tried. it's just me, sharing what works for me, with all of you.)

so many times wish that i had this blog connection 13 years ago.

i would have devoted more of my time to self care, instead of downing

diet cokes at my desk during those 10 hour work days in my 50's.

i love what i learn through my blog friendship connections.

 as i stated in a previous post, it's a place were we are here for each other 24 / 7.


the very best thing about the third week of June is my favorite candy recipe.

:: from the blog saucy's sprinkles! ::
{one of my very first pins on pinterest!}

the crates of fresh raspberries will out at tomorrow's farmers markets...

...a "bring home" to be paired with the fruity, smokey chocolate flavor of

this simple grocery store shelf chocolat!

chocolat et de framboise!

si simple et douce!
(simple and sweet)
comme parfaits petits baisers!
(like perfect little kisses)

try pairing these raspberry kisses with wine!

tout est en bonne santé!

happy week's end!