Saturday, February 14, 2015

r a n d o m . . . h e a r t p l a y . . . h e r e !



day, l o v e l i e s !


this morning i woke up on the romantic - creative side of the bed.

(...and so missing my Valentine.)

he is still at the hospital.

Dr Carolina says he may be able to come home...TOMORROW!

(i will be leaving to visit him in soon!)

when i get stressed, i always seek a creative outlet.

i love this t-shirt.

it could go from long black blue 'jama top!

(too much to take on today as i must clean and do some "soft diet" menu planning.)

i always channel a little "Austen" on this day.

they say this one is a "goodie".

i love the cover...

...sort of rings Julie and Julia, doesn't it?

oh, the magic of marketing.

(...perhaps a good read on the way to Whistler next month...)

:: ici ::

my mind reflects... over and over...

i am so grateful for brilliant medical minds and the ordinary and

extra ordinary miracles that occurred this past week.


i needed a quick little creative relief while my coffee was brewing.

 i grabbed an old book page,


began a little freehand expression...

pourquoi ne pas prendre quelques minutes pour visiter la Tour Eiffel?
(why not a five minute visit to the Eiffel Tower?)

bonne Saint Valentin!

( find time for a little h e a r t p l a y ! )

i'm off to visit my Valentine!


Friday, February 13, 2015

j u s t o n e p i c . . .

thank you for all of your

thoughts, prayers and supportive comments!

Mr D remains in the hospital recovering from

the first three days "post op" have held some challenges,

but he has been showing signs of improvement.

made with love by Chrislyn and Holland...

he has moved from Intensive Care to Progressive Care.

today's goal is for him to be recovered enough to move to a "post surgical" unit.

yesterday he became ambulatory.

( v i c t o r y !)

this morning he called me...(first call from him- another victory)... 

...he was "up", and sitting in a chair!

his sense of humor has returned.

although it hurts to's so good for recovery!

i am grateful for the three day weekend ahead.

i will be cheering on  

M Y   V A L E N T I N E !


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

t h e . . . H E A R T. . . h a s . . . n o . . . w r i n k l e s . . .

d e a r e s t  lovelies...

Mickey and Minnie Mouse pancakes with homemade strawberry jam.

yesterday morning, i planned to share a post about the 

amazing weekend we had taking care of the grands...

...while their mommy and daddy spent a long weekend in NYC.


...but Mr D woke after a night of restless sleep and increasing abdominal pain.

i insisted that i drive him to the emergency room.

in the afternoon, he had an urgent abdominal surgery.

his appendix had perforated.

 he has a high pain threshold. the perforation could have occurred days ago.

he is getting wonderful care at the hospital.

he will be there for a awhile.

the next few days are so important in the process of  his recovery.

while Mr D is in the care of the fine doctors, nurses and

supportive hospital staff, i will be going back and forth from to the clinic

to get my desk in order so i can spend more time at his side.

 we have to get that lap of his healed so the grands have

Saturday night on grandpa's lap watching "Frozen".

have a place to sit on party ( dinner and a movie ) night!

after making the Mick & Minn pancakes for H and B on Sunday, i made the little checked collage 

above and posted it on facebook.

Mr D jokingly commented on the image, saying that he was sad that he "missed out".

( He worked Saturday and Sunday,)

 i laughed and responded, promising to make him some on Valentines Day.

(  i hope Dr W clears him for the sweet cakes by then. )

my attention is to the care and healing of my Valentine.

for nearly forty two years, we have had this plan...