Thursday, December 10, 2015

on the way to Christmas . . .

h e l l o L o v e l i e s !

for me, the journey began last week with this adorable scene

( just a sweet and soft love song on a bed of not so perfectly placed twinkle.)

it sent me into daydreams of 

warm toasts and snuggle movies,
( note to Mr D. . . LED lights ready to go for beverage trays)

and sipping sparkle with pomegranate jewels and sprigs of

 rosemary while singing our most favorite familiar love songs.
( note to Lynne . . . more sparkle, jewels and aromatiques vivaces !)

(there is "no - such - thing" as not so perfectly placed twinkle!)


:: twinkly images from "a ButteryPlanet" here! ::

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

o n t h e r o a d . . . f r o m N o v e m b e r . . . t o D e c e m b e r . . . w i t h L o v e !

h e l l o L o v e l i e s !

. . . just returned home from Thanksgiving in Boise, Idaho.

it was the very first time Mr D and i travelled "over the river (s), (mountains), and through the 

woods" for Thanksgiving. i kept cozy in the Expo, and in our hotel room under 

the quilt my mom made for me two Thanksgivings ago. 

it has been six years since we spent a Thanksgiving Day with our son Jay,

as the holiday falls smack dab, in the height of football season.

we chose a hotel suite with a full kitchen so he and Mr D could prepare 

appetizers for grilling. we had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at Jay's

girlfriend Camille's family home.

Friday, ( Apple Cup morning) Jay greeted us with warm CRIMSON cups from Starbucks.

( we have embraced the controversial RED CRIMSON cups from day one . . . laughing all

 the way . . . likening them to the RED CRIMSON SOLO cups on those

"COLLEGE" weekends at WSU!  )

we grabbed our coffees and headed to the television station where Jay transitioned

into Boise State colors for a one hour pre - game show.  it's amazing what a green screen can

 do. before we knew it we were on the sideline at San Jose State. 

the "Mom" in me asked to see the Edward R. Murrow Award Jay earned for his station this

year.  we checked it out . . . the award had arrived . . . not yet unwrapped. Jay studied

 broadcast journalism at The Edward R. Murrow School Of Communications at Washington

State University. to see his award was a big deal to his dad and me. 

behind the scenes at a sports director's desk.

breaking news . . .

we then set out to Dave and Buster's where we could watch the Apple Cup, Boise State vs San

Jose State and have a plug in for Jay's laptop. Camille and her mom and dad met up with us.

Mr D and i  each had a glass of  "Angry Orchard" in honor of Apple Cup.

we lost.  the loss was predicted as our starting quarterback was injured.

despite Falk's injury, and the Apple Cup loss, WSU had it's best football season since 2003,

achieving a national ranking and a bowl bid. Go Cougs!

on our last night in Boise, Stephanie and Craig, ( Camille's mom and dad), treated

us to one of my best meals ever, at an amazing Brazilian restaurant called Barbacoa.

my phone takes very poor images in dimmed lighting, but i went

crazy with my little camera, as i wanted to capture every inspiring detail of

this  amazing restaurant.

i LOVED how it was decked for Autumn! i can only imagine how it will transcend into


at last ! 

a sweet night out away from sports and breaking news.

yes, my lemon drops were dropped into a glass made of ice!

(i also tried a sip of  Mr D's "new age wine".)

a peek into the bar.

. . .  and a peek into my powder room stall.
( there is a shadow box with an amazing shoe in each.)
check out the reflection!
(pink marble . . . chandeliers . . . mirrors . . . chrystals)
i was in . . ."i have to share this with my Lovelies heaven"!

hello dearest December!

chapter 12 of 12!

to a blessed and sparkling ending chapter before we begin our next new novel !


Monday, November 23, 2015

f r o m f r i e n d s g i v i n g . . . t o t h a n k s g i v i n g . . . w i t h L o v e !

 morningtime . . .

. . . sitting in silence with my Lovelies.

 maple bourbon burning . . . 

Verona brewing.
(t h o u g h t . . . why didn't i gather more maple leaves to go with my café noir?)

gather doormat . . . Target 12.99 . . . tried to find one . . . hauntingly wicked boots? only Heaven knows.

 viewing and reading the "amazingness" of you!

where i . . . always . . . 

i really love my silence with you.

i cannot tell you how many times you have set my sails for the day, by showering me

with your love,  tweaking my make up, lifting my self esteem, and making me laugh out loud.

happy friendsgiving!

friendsgivingwhen friends and family members gather around before Thanksgiving. 
an assortment of food is prepared and stories are shared of why everyone is 
friends and thankful for each other. 

~ blog land is a place where the table is always set to pass the blessings.~

:: ici ::

i wish you a blessed Thanksgiving!


:: sources to all images can be found here ::

Friday, November 20, 2015

f r e n c h b r e a d o n f r i d a y !

 it has been over a year since i stopped my monthly PINK POSTS,

and it's been weeks since i served french bread on friday.

( isn't it lovely that with one little rotation . . . party wrap becomes Christmas wrap?)

* * * 

last friday . . .  Paris.

i must give a shout out to Facebook for their brilliant "Safety Check" feature.
so many did not know if their loved ones were safe after the attack.

(with one click, all who love and care for you, are reassured your are safe.)

i have a blog friend who was dining at a sidewalk cafe earlier friday evening.

about 2:30 pm PST, i was in my office, away from media when
 facebook on my phone lit up and sounded as her family and friends were inquiring about
she and her family's safety.  a little bit later the safety check activated.

" I'm safe"

 i would have embraced this technology, having experienced a cell phone overload 
twice in 2001 with the Nisqually Earthquake and 9/11.


i have prayed much more than i normally do this past week.

i made some art.

i read and re-read my favorite quotes by Victor Hugo. 

i played music from the stage production of "Les Mis",

"A Little Bit of Rain"

as i watched the flowers grow at Bataclan on the Boulevard Voltaire,

"Can You Hear The People Sing?"

and as i heard the people sing!




we must not live in fear, but we must live to be more aware of what is happening around us.

each of us has a roll as a "protector".  a roll i learned through an observation of the British

citizens when i last traveled there in 1996,  nearly twenty five years ago.

gentle reminders.

 gentle guidance.

gently looking out for one another.

i felt that i was living among real life guardian angels.

and while we are on the subject of looking out for one another . . .

do remember the whole purpose of my pink posts?

"don't forget to check on the girls!"

"Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face."

~Victor Hugo

Liberté, Liberté cherie's!


:: all images found here ::

Saturday, November 14, 2015

p r a y f o r P a r i s

“Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.” 
– Victor Hugo

for France, and for all . . . do not be terrorized.


Monday, November 9, 2015

j u s t o n e p i c . . .

h e l l o L o v e l i e s !

:: the lyric prints can be found many sizes at Stephanie Lynn's shop here. ::

the room is young.

 a playful stage for Taylor's song.  it's lyrics and tune, first heard on my

 commuter Corolla radio, have played again and again in my mind. 

simple . . . not profound.

starts out "mid~night"!

 . . . no head~lights.




(do i sound like i'm on American Bandstand?)

in traffic it transports you to forever young girl . . . kind of song.

i am at the age where i have to work hard to remember the lyrics to a new song, 

yet i can recite an entire Beatles repertoire from 1966.

wouldn't this bedroom be SWEET for a newlywed couple?
( i am totally taken by the perfectly improvised, bedside chairs tables. )

the reference to James Dean, reminds me how i resisted giving Mr D my 

phone number because portrayed kind of a bad-"ish" boy, smart alec,

 ( we didn't say "ass" back then), persona.

~ i was wearing red lipstick the night i met Mr D. ~

i stopped wearing it a few years back.

 i miss it's place on my little vanity shelf.

i am forever grateful that he did not give up on his pursuit of my phone number.

the lyric prints could be quite appropriate, smaller in size, in the en suite bathroom.
 (this might be a fun project to take on, as i am practicing "brush calligraphy".)

i love the entire refrain.

"you got that James Dean daydream look in your eye . . . and i got that 
red lip classic thing that you like . . . and when we go crashing down, 
we come back every time, 'cause we never go out of style . . . we never go out of style."

shall i forgo those drive thru holiday peppermint lattes in leu of a new red lipstick,

 and plant that kiss of youth back in it's place on my vanity shelf  and me?

why . . . YES, my Lovelies!

i wish you a forever young girl journey kind of week.!

you never go out of style!


~ my random "just one pic" series features an image that moves me the very
 second i lay my eyes on it!  an image that sets my sails for the day 
and moves me to create or motivate.  ~

Sunday, November 1, 2015

C a m e r o n ' s C r o s s

h e l l o L o v e l i e s !

as i look back onto the day that i found this cross at Dore's shop in September, my mind

and my heart were overwhelmed.  a few days prior, our dear friend had passed after a long

and valiantly fought illness. the month before, we nearly lost mom.  my class reunion,

planned and pulled together "on a wing and a prayer",  was only five days away.

the moment i viewed the peaceful sculpture, i knew it had a place and a purpose in my life.

i t ' s  a  g i r l ! "

(Chrislyn and Jason went old school, waiting to find out the gender of their baby

 until the day of birth! )

+ +  on that day in September, could God have given me a little hint that the

 beautiful hand sculpted Cartapesta cross would be for my new granddaughter to be? + +

through "art" in  our life, he did.

+ + Cameron's cross  + +
( baptized today, November first, twenty - fifteen )


:: all images are from Dore' Calloway's shop Burlap Luxe here!
::  you will find a brief article about the history of Cartapesta here!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

j u s t o n e p i c !

t o  m y  h a u n t i n g l y  b o o t i f u l L o v e l i e s !

 thank you for your wonderful wishes upon the arrival of our new granddaughter!

i am certain that you know that i have been quite preoccupied of late.

i am easing back into my blog routine! have a safe, sweet and savory Halloween! 

( please save an almond Snickers bar for me. )


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

p e t i t e . . . f i l l e . . . e s t . . . a r r i v é !

o h L o v e l i e s !

five pounds, one point eight ounces.

she arrived two weeks early!

her home inside her mommy wasn't quite as comfy as it once was.

the cord that nourished her for eight months and two weeks was now 

was not working in her favor. she wanted out into her new world, and she

let her mommy know it! 

since she was so tiny, she needed size "0".

her big sister and brother and i made a quick stop at our local

one stop shopping place . . . 

. . . where we landed on some SWEET s e r e n d i p i t y !

Couture Carters Cartier?

layette parfait!

 meet petite Cameron.

( i have never held a baby less than 7 pounds. )

her mommy and daddy went "old school". . . not learning the gender until delivery day!

our family is blessed once again.


Sunday, October 18, 2015

j u s t o n e p i c !

a dream of a  F L O W E R  S C H O O L where the classroom floor is to die for.

Anna's first wreath of the season . . . she exclaims, " GO BIG OR GO HOME ! "

* * * 

it's been awhile since i have been touched by an image that tells me to take it to

  j u s t  o n e   p i c !

Anna Potter's Instagram feed is one of my favorite classes!

wishing you all a blessed week!


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

a n y . . . g i v e n . . . m a g i c a l . . . m u s i c a l . . . f a s h i o n a b l e . . . s p r i t u a l . . . M o n d a y . . . n i g h t !

o h L o v e l i e s !

last night went from mundane to magic. when i arrived home from the clinic,

Monday night football was already on it's way to quarter number two!

Mr D had picked up "fixings" for the fancier dîner nachos. 
( a planned marinated flank steak went into the freezer for the future. 
no biggie. i can do spontaneity )

. . . cooking duty was a breeze.
( at halftime, he pulled the light dish duty.)

i always seek a diversion when football is not THE HAWKS or our beloved COUGS

onto Facebook i went!

Chrislyn had just posted this image of a mouthful of cheesy shells and a dinner time devotion.

( Holland's watercolor of Joseph and his colorful coat.)

this melting moment moved me to Andrew Lloyd Webber circa 1968.


I closed my eyes, drew back the curtain
To see for certain what I thought I knew
Far far away, someone was weeping
But the world was sleeping
Any dream will do

I wore my coat with golden lining
Bright colors shining, wonderful and new
And in the east, the dawn was breaking
And the world was waking
Any dream will do

A crash of drums, a flash of light
My golden coat flew out of sight

The colors faded into darkness
I was left alone

May I return to the beginning
The light is dimming, and the dream is too
The world and I, we are still waiting
Still hesitating
Any dream will do

the melody is brilliant  . . .

ah uh ah  . . . any dream will do!

Chrislyn enticed me more . . . with this . . .

A Poem For Our Fans
At PNB, we’ve been on a mission, 

to bring you a fine new Nutcracker tradition.
It’s the same wonderful story, 
brought to new glory—
With a few fresh spins, 
To dazzle you and your kin.
Look for sweet little Clara and Herr Drosselmeier, 

And a magical tree that grows high, high and higher.
There’s a vast white forest and a mighty snowstorm, 
That shimmers and swirls (while you’re staying warm).
The Sugar Plum Fairy rules a lush Land of Sweets,

Where a tall Mother Ginger is a comical treat.
Tchaikovsky’s great score still sets every scene,

Of our brilliant new Nutcracker by George Balanchine.

* * *

Pacific Northwest Ballet Christmas 2014 
       ~ farewell Mr Sendak, Mme. Russell and Mr. Stowell . . . brilliant that you were for the childhood of my children, we are now prepared to transcend into a new generation.

the final performance was bitter - sweet.
( sure, there were a few little tears. )

on the way out of Benaroya Hall . . .

 . . .  i took a few photos of the styling and planning boards for the New Tradition.

( i wasn't too obsessed with the "mirror balls wrapped en toile" = "snowballs" . . . or was i?)

and when Chrislyn forwarded this link to me . . .

. . . she had me at RED BERET!


the link to PNB!

( this post was inspired by my beautiful daughter.)