Friday, December 12, 2014

French bread on Friday...R e l è v e !

helloooo beautifuls!

i am off today!

a day off...with my dollies!

a noon performance of The Nutcracker!

it's the final year of the

Kent Stowell, Francia Russell, Maurice Sendak version.

next year will bring a new version using George Balanchine’s 1954 choreography

and new costumes and sets by Ian Falconer, author of the Olivia series. 

relève jolies porcelets!

( isn't that image above sooo French? )


tonight brings a party at Devorah Creek Vineyards!

i made the take a ways.

...back yard bay leaf!

( today's mess on the table is actually pretty! )

here's to  all of the beautiful messes on the way to 25!


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

the Zara "blanket" scarf...the "bloggers" scarf...and some random blogger love...

  1. a person blogger who leads the way in fashion or ideas.

the Zara "blanket" scarf...


the "bloggers" scarf!

it reminds me of a trend we played upon many years ago.

( Annie Hall (1977)...fa la la la la la la! )

some years later (2003)...Diane reappeared in the right place to

 "set" another trend!

since many blogs have featured striped rugs?

(...and still do! )

it was a movie movement that made Dash & Albert household words!

( bloggers are still talking about it! ) Zara.

a new generation of Mommas...

...rockin' the old to new again!
( yes...another reemergence here...the"puffy"... now called...
...the puff-er vest )

...pumping up to volume pretty!

look what happened when some

 southern girls got a hold of it!

...too cute!

...and when you take "the blogger" 

 on sings Merry Christmas!

:: ici ::

i'm  adding a touch of ebony to our traditional Christmas mix this year.

my thoughts and prayers are with you as you

ready yourselves in the days ahead!