Friday, December 5, 2014

French bread on Friday...

 hello lovelies!

soooo happy here. 

dieu merci, ce est vendredi!

Ben's 2nd birthday is on Saturday.

the bell rings for those who believe! cute and clever of my daughter.

she says...why not embrace the season his birthday lies within!

you haven't seen them here goes!

 yes...they were signing to Rudolf.

when Frosty greeted them, they went right into their 

rendition of  his signature song.  

tiny voices...newly retained words with la la's in between!

how blessed we are...merci, mon Dieu!

Sunday is Tree Day! 

i shall serve a Christmas Tree Brunch.

...and there will be French bread.

for this recipe from one of Seattle's fave 

neighborhood bakeries you will need a cup of...

back to the recipe...

it popped up on my "recette du mois" e-mail yesterday!

( timed perfectly for FBoF! )


the printable is here!

i have to rest my post surgery eyes a bit. 
please know that my comments will be brief.
i just want you to know that i have popped in to visit!


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

just one pic...

back to j...o...p today.

thank you for all of your kind comments 

and reflections within the "s n o w l i g h t".

you inspire me.

...and so did this image i found on Tumblr recently.

 romantic Christmas an instant!

 no   - "DODGING" -  it! 

...and to my surprise...Victoria styles a little vintage!

off to the clinic...


Sunday, November 30, 2014 the "snowlight" on 34...

hey lovelies!

it snowed on 34th street yesterday!

 for those of you in the Midwest and the Northeast, it may seem

silly that we get excited about the white stuff! 

it's not the "norm" in our marine west coast climate. 

( "s n o w l i g h t" ?   not...a...real...word. )

the day held it's "special bright", and allowed for me to capture

a few images around here, as i begin to transcend into Christmas.

the pumpkins are packed away. i took this picture just before

i removed the wheat stalks.

the style of  our home is termed Pacific Northwest Contemporary.

it's very angular and '80's.  ( that is why i embrace the 

earthy, artisan, and rustic side of  French.)

  every girl wishes for a home with a beautiful staircase. that stands alone. that "wraps".

my dream staircase is on the "outside"!

the window that views the staircase is about nine feet tall and

 3 feet wide. it's the focal point of  our house. 

Michael, (our builder), did a beautiful job wrapping the deck and the 

staircase in cedar.  

the little area between "where the bay leaf tree grows"

and the staircase will be converted to a potting place with an 

herb garden.  we removed the outdated custom window treatment from

the window a couple years ago. the new staircase diffuses the

view into the house.  it will be nice to keep the window uncovered, 

and let the light shine in! 

the farm table is beginning to hold my inspiration for

the days of decorating, crafting ahead.

the pages of this damaged and rescued French cookbook

are card stock thick. i will be using them to make 

tags for gifts from the kitchen, and to flourish packages when appropriate.  

it is my tradition not to decorate until December 1st.

yesterday was a day to move furniture and vacuum the "edges"

and out of normal reach set the stage for tomorrow.

( yes, that's The Chocolate Gousse's toy basket,

and Mr D's laptop cord.)  the vintage battery jar will be

a snow globe by Tuesday! i have seen multiple ways

of displaying this new tree skirt from H & M. it found it's

place on the console table for this Christmas.

 the lamp shade needs to be updated. i am seeking oval or 

rectangle linen...or fine grade burlap

i invite your suggestions.

the watercolor is by Fran Velling.

( you can see the new drapes in it's reflection.)

i love her work and her heart.

she paints the ceilings of the cancer care facilities.

the rooms where the ill spend time scanning and receiving

radiation. the very places where one needs a diversion

 when stressed and staring at the ceiling.

we love our little "beats" portable speaker.

yesterday, i found it atop the wine bar, when dusting.

it's a fabulous gift idea. the amazing sound goes everywhere with us. 

i can not imagine a Summer evening by the fire pit without it.

i still remember the sad look on Mr D's face the day i made him haul 

the gargantuan "Speaker Lab" speakers out of the house.

we picked up 10 square feet of living room space...those things

were M O N S T E R S!  

one more new piece awaits the colors of Christmas!

this image of yesterday in the "snowlight"  was

taken about three o'clock.  i sat down for a cup of tea and 

spied this pretty little filter of light into our cupboard.

the moment reminded me how i need to take time

to enjoy reflections of light and places around me. 

 how seeking reflections can bring peace of mind...

( i wish that i could have taken such an amazing photograph)

you never know what you might miss before

you navigate around that mud puddle 

on a rainy day!