Saturday, November 15, 2014

day old french bread and café frais...sweet Saturday morning!



i began this post after dinner last night.

after a couple distractions, i glanced at the bottom right corner and


minuit! oops...


guess what?

you are back on my right!

i found out that blogger stores your blog roll.

...even if you accidentally delete it.

on my first attempt to re-install the "blog list" gadget...

like all re-appeared....

...almost as quickly as you disappeared.

oh mon Dieu miséricordieux!

 tout le monde est de retour!




i didn't have time to tell you the news yesterday morning.

we were to be short staffed at the clinic.

 i thought it best to get to work an hour early. 

before i packed my cell phone, i snapped a quick

pic of a little vignette that features my favorite french cookbooks.


so sweet is my Saturday morning...

c r è m e d e l a c r è m e

 i'm sampling a friday fave from House of Earnest. 

welcome back, lovelies!

( yes, that's my Christmas mug!)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

just one pic...

i lost my blog roll!

if you look to the right...

 it's gone!

all it took was one wrong click!



i was devastated.

"Lynne, what did you do?"

"how could you have done this?"


" r e a l l y ?"

thank goodness all was not lost...

last Saturday morning, before the blast to the malware, and the rescue and renovation began, 

i QUICKLY made lists and references of keepsakes that could be lost in the fight!

this morning...on the farm table...

here's looking at you, scribbled and saved...


(yes. i have another big project ahead...)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

tell me lovelies...

 this weekend i shall be seeking a new fragrance.

i'm making a list!

do you have a favorite Falling into Winter scent?

i will be listing your "notes" on my dance card!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

oh beautiful...with gratitude and always with love !

when you live and work among those who serve our country, you 

are humbled by their daily sacrifice.


in the summer of '67, he gave it all.


he was away when his mother became ill.

he was lucky to be stateside, and that his commander allowed him

to go home. she went to Heaven three days after he returned.


he missed his first wedding anniversary, and the birth of his first child.


she missed her child's first birthday, and his first day of Kindergarten.
she's retired now...he's a fifth grader.
on Friday she was invited to attend an assembly at his school.
"Mom, i think they are going to give you an award...will you wear your uniform?"


today we sing the third verse loud and strong for you !

O beautiful for heroes proved

In liberating strife.

more than self their country loved

And mercy more than life!

America! America!

May God thy gold refine

Till all success be nobleness

And every gain divine!


Sunday, November 9, 2014

artful miracles...the people you meet in a storybook called blogland...

i have thought about ending my blog a couple times.

mainly because i worry about being safe and secure.

you know...all of the bad guys...(or girls, too, for that matter)...lurking out there in the wings.

last week, when i was invaded by a bad case of malware, i thought about it, again.

i would miss so many sweet people...friends.

:: ici ::

there are other platforms out there...

 ...perhaps i should just do Instagram.

it's less time consuming...

i love the venue with it's personal picture postcards...

:: 151 W 34th Street ::

i would miss daily crossings at 34th and Share, where blog friends are very real.

yesterday, my post was about feeling golden and praying it forward.

after i published it, i took a little walk to the mailbox.

there i found an envelope filled with artful love and prayers from Texas!

where do i start ? the first chapter of the storybook, of course!

Linda has been my blog friend from the beginning.

one day in January, almost three years ago,

Linda penned her precious realization of a very special creation.

her daughter and son in law were expecting...QUADRUPLETS!

under the closest of  brilliant supervision and care,

 the babies developed, and each entered our world,

powered on love, prayers and devout faith.

to this day, i am awestruck by the four little miracles.

Linda is a lover of art, and paints with the quads.

out of the blue, they sent me two beautiful watercolor splashed bookmarks!

wrapped around the bookmarks was a sweet sentiment.

 Linda!, Kailey!, Trystan!, Logan! and Harrison!, thank you for my lovely gifts!

 i love my new bookmarks, made by you!

 i have placed them in my day designer!

H A P P Y   S U N D A Y

from the corner of Texas Love and Prayers and 34th Street...


"Faith is believing in something, when sense tells you not to!"
~Miracle On 34th Street