Monday, October 27, 2014

just one pic! packed some feelings...

i know that you have been deluged with 

pink this month.

...and i of all people, a five year BC survivor, 

should be the biggest cheerleader for all of this attention.

but, i am not.

if you really want to help or donate...

give directly to your local cancer research and treatment facility. 

( some of the big national causes are feeding salaries, political 

causes and are channeling your generosity to places everywhere 

but cancer research, cancer care, or... the cure. )

i thank all of you that have supported my pink posts for the

past four years. it was my intention to protect you from the dreaded disease.

cancer is the absence of color when it touches you and your family and friends!

this shall be my last "pink" post with reference to BC.

let's cure all of it! 


...had to think twice before clicking the "publish" button this morn'.