Friday, September 26, 2014


when Chrislyn was planning her wedding, five years ago,

 she wanted an informal, "Style Me Pretty" influence.

one of the design challenges was the aisle at the church.

instead of a white carpet or a flower petal lined aisle, we thought...

what about pennant banners?

...fashioned of white linen!

what if were to flourish them with wedding pictures from the past?

...marriages that have stood strong in love over the years.

we emailed our family and friends to send us a picture of them on their

wedding day. the response was phenomenal!

the banners filled fast.  a few of our guests gave us photos on the

day of the wedding.  anticipating this, we had reserved blank

flags for "last minute flourish" using pretty tiny glass topped dressmaker pins.

by the start of the ceremony...every flag was flourished!

my mom made the banners.

she also made hundreds of pretty dupioni silk blossoms, in Autumn

jewel tones,  and a few, in white, to be appliqued onto a white cropped cashmere

 "cardie" that Chrislyn wore over her wedding dress in the evening.

the Caspari bookplates, chosen to bring the colors together now seem so appropriate.

this morning, on the farm table, two linen wedding journals, filled and fashioned...


happy fifth wedding anniversary, Chrislyn and Jason!

enjoy your day off!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


on the top shelf of our wine bar...a bottle saved.

it was gifted to me by a caring friend, at a very difficult time five years ago.

wrapped in white linen, a gift from another dearest friend, who knows me so well!

each year, on the day of my "mammo",  i have pulled it down from

the shelf anticipating this day!

a reminder...


sometimes... "life's a beach" !

( oh how we must make each other smile through a fear that is totally beyond shedding a tear! )

a found fear felt only weeks before your beautiful, amazing, only daughter's wedding.

 i love you, Chrislyn! 

i was sad that this occurrence happened when it did!

(way bad timing...)

you and Jason have healed the sad with blessings!

it was watching your joy in your love for Jason, and all of my other life joys that got me through it!

i love you, Kim, Jay, my precious family and friends!
(now you know Mr D's name!)

i love you girlfriends, Doreen and Alice.

planning a white linen  fĂȘte for five...

...when we will share the wine and celebrate 5 years BC free!


i'll see you Friday with more white linen and a very special celebration of 5!

:: i humbly apologize if the name of the wine is offensive to any of you, i cherish my blog friend visits.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


 "summers always seemed longer and warmer when i was young"
                                                                             ~ me (and maybe you, too!)

...until SUMMER 2014.

as a native of the Pacific Northwest, i have always prayed for a California summer.

this year, God answered my prayers.

:: image found here...with just a little alteration "par moi"! ::

California came to stay for the summer!
( thank you, God!)

our summer held the  l o n g e s t  stretch of warm summer days on record.

we jam-packed so much into each perfect sunny, blue sky day.

as you know,  A U T U M N is my favorite season.

for the first time in my life,  i am sad to say goodbye to summer.

:: unaltered images and here ::

dearest  golden California sunshine, please come back again next year!

we had the summertime of a lifetime!

 in the mean time, 

 we will gather to embrace our always perfect, PNW Autumn blessings...

:: unaltered image! ::