Friday, September 5, 2014

FRENCH BREAD ON FRIDAY...les tons de terre!

i am thankful that someone parted with this little piece of French earth!

 "poterie société industrielle"?

( ...mid century 20? )


 i had been seeking a perfect grandma's cookie jar!

a slight detour of thought occurred when my next door neighbor

 passed a box of plums over the fence.

 le petit pot de terre ... filled with late summer plum sugar. 

( the box of plums held a perfect golden leaf. )

la couleurs de septembre are in grandmother's

 new/old cookie jar!

Monday, September 1, 2014

I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE SEPTEMBER...random 34...yes, i am all over the place!

the first two weeks...

...when my wardrobe doubles as the

 summer lightweights meet and mix with the autumn middleweights.

it's my favorite match!

always a winner!

above, the look for the younger set...with cowboy boots.

for me, sweater over  my burnt Sienna knit maxi sundress...

 ...metallic flip flops, and...i'm good! 

i'm cozy!

oh...yes...there is F O O T B A L L !

our sports guy was at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta for Boise State's kickoff!

they played Ole Miss!

one Mississippi...

i am quite certain that Archie, (Peyton and Eli's dad), and

 Leigh Anne Tuohy, (Michael Oher's mom), were at the game.

(Leigh Anne is all about the power of one making a difference!)

two Mississippi...

(pardon me, as i digress.)

you know that i LOVE that movie!

three Mississippi...

after Atlanta, Jay was home, ( Boise home),  for one very appreciated day off.

he was gellin' with Camille's nephew Easton!

too - cute - twin - fauxhawks!

this morning...the deck! 

sadly, we lost Saturday due to the rain.

the guys worked eleven hours yesterday.

Michael and Tom will be back today to add a couple more pieces to the 

pressure treated frame, and start the cedar wrap! 

this is a shot of our family room this morning.

Sonotube, anyone? 

our Lavender has now officially bloomed from May to September!

the Chocolate Gousse has been sneaking and snacking on the tomatoes.

she has always defied being a carnivore.


Mr D will be headed off to his yearly cast and blast in October.

i would like to invite some girlfriends over for champagne to christen the new deck.

i am planning to paint the bathroom at the end of the hallway and so hope to knit 

a LOOPY MANGO throw! 

(i must mention that the girl above did not work in her end before the photograph!)

A L L   OF   T H E   K I T S   A R E    F O R    B E G I N N E R S !
i have been obsessed with the thought of making a LOOPY MANGO throw for about two years.

it's just that the expenditure seemed  a little extravagant!

unless you are knitting cotton dishcloths and baby hats, knitting can be "spendy".

i welcome you, oh fave month of mine...