Friday, June 20, 2014


helloooooo FBoF!

helloooooo lovelies!

just look what i found...


just in time for an occasional Summer sip!

:: ici ::

we happened to be in Total Wine & Spirits

on Mother's Day weekend... (my mama loves Chardonnay and Reisling.)

my Mr D always selects a special bottle  for

her on Mother's Day and her Birthday.)

the sampling room was filled with local boutique vintners 

and distillers with suitable spirits for "Moms".

to be honest...i wasn't in the mood to sample until i spied this beautiful bottle.

Lavender gin?

hmmmm... could this be calling my name!

i will occasionally sip a gin and tonic on a hot Summer night...usually when we are out for 

dinner on a deck somewhere. we have never kept gin in our house

i sampled the Amethyst.

Mr D thought that he hated gin...until he sipped the Amethyst.

:: ici ::

it's handcrafted on a beautiful Lavender farm in Ellensburg, Washington.  

(of course...i asked about the Lavender farm.)

yes, the distiller's wife sells Lavender plants!

:: ici ::

i told Mr D that we need to take a drive over the Cascades to visit!  

when we do!

i will share!

i have yet to open the bottle!

i am saving it for July 4th, when i plan to pour a little...


1½ oz Amethyst Lavender Gin
1 oz Lemon Juice
½ oz Simple Syrup
4 Raspberries
Club Soda
Muddle raspberries in lemon juice. Add all remaining ingredients into cocktail shaker with ice. Shake until cold. Fine strain cocktail over fresh ice in a Collins glass. Garnish with a Raspberry!

...more recipes here

:: ici ::

i have a little something else to share.

recently a small boutique approached me to design a line of Lavender sachets, pillows 

and "gifteees".  the buyer said that she would reserve "open to buy" for me!

i am over the moon...but also a little nervous.

the buyer's request is just the push i needed to fulfill a little dream that i have been carrying around for years.

(my...Lavender dreams are growing!)

(i know...i am just showing you dirt!)

Mr D recently roto-"tilled" a space for a new cutting garden, next to the blueberry bushes!

i have chosen to fill it with Lavender!  

who knows where this little passion will lead me next?

i might need to take a little blog break...

that doesn't mean that i won't be popping in and keeping up with all of you!

the house needs a thorough "run through" and the guest room now needs my strict attention.

 the "best man" and  Camille,

(elle est belle comme son beau nom français), will arrive for Ty and

Anna's rehearsal and dinner on July 3rd!

i will pop on the blog "for a sec", next Saturday, and share what i found to wear to 

Miss Holland Grace's third birthday party where she is planning to be a mermaid!

" Holland's invite!"

she's pretty excited, and always animated!  (dear God, i love that face!)

have the best weekend!

c'est l'été! 



Wednesday, June 18, 2014


hello lovelies!

thank you for the wonderful, amazing and beautiful comments regarding

my FBoF post of last week!

i can't tell you how much i wish you were in hug range!

i have the dearest blog friends!
...truly golden!

:: stamp found here ::

Monday, i made these little paper medallions. tonight, after work, i am headed over to

Al's to put the finishing touches on the centerpieces!


:: white canvas folding...movable deck chairs...LOVE! ::

i saw this image on pinterest awhile back... i am smitten with the concept of rattan pouffes!

( they kind of remind me of a chic version of the "sit upons"  we made

when i was a girl scout!)  

i love the idea of piling the pouffe's with pillows, down comforters

and books for cozy Summer nights with the "Grands" on the deck.

speaking of the deck...

last night we met with Michael.

Michael is an LPN. he works with me at the clinic.

before he became an LPN, he was a carpenter.

when the housing market crashed, he decided to go into nursing.

Michael is going to build us a new deck! 

we are doubling the size!

it's going to be like having another room.

Mr D is visualizing his new grilling station...

i am visualizing an on deck farm to table celebration once it's completed!


i hope this day finds you well!

i have been visiting...but my comments have been brief of late.

i apologize.  

something i may not have mentioned before...

when i visit, i never leave without a prayer!

...feeling blessed and golden today!