Friday, June 13, 2014


heureux vendredi, beautés!

about three weeks ago i received a phone call from my Dad...

"hi, honey!"  

"are you going to be home?"

"i was getting some printing done at Office Max, and i saw

something that reminded me of you!"

"i would like to drop it by."

i said, "sure Dad, come on over!"

about 20 minutes passed when i heard a knock at our door!

there stood my Dad with a big smile...

...holding  la Tour Eiffel  in his left hand.


"isn't it cool?"

" i figured you might like it for your blog!"

i hugged him and said...

" OMGoodness, Dad!"

"i LOVE it!"

"it's so ARCHITECTURAL - INDUSTRIAL CHIC, just like the tower itself!"

"it will always remind me of the day that we stood at the top of the tower together!"

i found the perfect place(s) to plant my tower!

in the kitchen...

...and on the sidebar!

( i am quite often barefoot (in Paris) in the kitchen and always barefoot (in France) when i blog.)
( i am thinking i may need to paint my toes Le Creuset red this Summer! )

at my age, i am so lucky and grateful to receive a phone call or 

a "visite impromptue" from my Dad.

i wish a blessed Sunday to all of our Dads here on Earth 
and those Dad's that watch over us from Heaven!

merci, Papa!


Monday, June 9, 2014


hello lovelies!

this will be my only post until Friday as vacation season has officially begun at the clinic. 

we are a "man down" in my area which means early to work!

( i hope to catch up with my visits and comments between now and Friday morning. )

Mr D has big projects going on at work, and i have big projects here at home, so we

were up before the sun on Saturday. 

 (you all know that i am in major purge mode.)

Saturday's purge...EIGHT BAGS FULL!
( my fitbit read almost three miles!)

after Mr D's OT,  my purge and the Belmont, it was time rush on over to sit with "the Grands"

while Mommy and Daddy went to a dinner party given by one of Chrislyn's sorority sisters, 

way up north, in Mount Vernon. 

when we sit...there is always Haggan Daz or Ben and Jerry's mini's to share for dessert.

after dessert, and two hours of intense back yard play time, the kiddos were bathed and

shampooed from head to toe with this really cool kiddo safe lavender soap that Chrislyn has on hand.

they happily snuggled into their beds and fell sound to sleep in a matter of minutes! after the kids turned in, 

Mr D headed home, and i stayed until Mommy and Daddy arrived home after midnight.

needless to say, we slept like logs.  

Early Sunday morning, we filled our commuter mugs and headed over to 6th avenue to

Legendary Doughnuts. Mr D had a groupon that was due to be cashed in.

i must be thinking...



and more sugar!

Chrislyn feeds them healthy so they can have treats now and then.

it's been over a year since the last time we delivered doughnuts

as big as their heads! 

 ( no!...he was not allowed to eat the whole thing!)

and ...oui!

...j'ai dit non à pain français!
( i said no to french bread!)

have a great week!