Friday, April 25, 2014


this morning,  i popped down to the lobby bistro, (where they serve Starbucks), to purchase a non~fat

white chocolate mocha for Jay and a skinny two pump vanilla latte for me.

a handsome gentleman (Gilles) with a French accent took my order.

i asked, "what part of France are you from?"

he said, "Paris"!

we chatted a bit while the barista blended the drinks...



handed me that familiar paper cup...




bonjour Boise!

bonjour vendredi!

bonjour café au lait à la vanille!

bonjour lovelies!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A RANDOM HUMP DAY HUDDLE...sporting some casual fashion, LOVE and...R O A D T R I P !

hellooooo lovelies!

 let's huddle!

we often speak "sports metaphor" in the house.

believe me, it was an incremental part of parenting at times.

we anticipate the occasional hard to hit curve ball,

we know how to tackle, and love the feeling of accomplishing a  home run!

"off course?"

"sand trap?"

"get up and out of that bunker, life is great up on the green!"
(it's no wonder that i am the mom of a television "sports guy", and a daughter 
who has run marathons of miles!)


(who doesn't need a little hump day half way pep talk once in a while!
each day can "opening day"!)

" a day when the slate is wiped clean and a new season of 
self-growth and abundance begins. to 
step onto our metaphorical fields and not worry about 
what others think or say, but to do what we 
came out here to do–play our game with passion
 and purpose to the best of our ability." 

~Luke Iorio

sure it's  cliché ...but it's totally OK if it helps one hit

that occasional three point... from the corner!

:: ici ::

during the past few


i have met some


new blog friends! 

thank you so much for

taking the time to leave a

comment introduction!


my blog has introduced me to so many genuine, lovely, caring and inspiring people.

i love that we share ideas, thoughts, the highs and sometimes the lows in life...

i love our "pep talks"!

j'aime notre poésie!
(yes, there can be poetry inside a huddle!)

...i mean will find lift, laughter, and lovely 
within the hearts and souls that gather here!


lets talk white jeans!  

let's talk fashion!

while i am

working on

lowering my

cholesterol, i am

dying to wear two 

size down white

jeans on Memorial

Day weekend! 

of course,  i won't be in  SKINNY whites!   

( i am white jeans by Memorial Day notes to myself, every day.)

:: chambray bleu avec des perles et des petits pois!
                                                                        (chambray blue with pearls and polka dots!)

the image above is of my beautiful Chrislyn at sweet Mr Ben's first visit to the dentist the week before last.

Ben was a perfect patient.

Dr Yoshino's dental assistant couldn't resist this Kodak Instagram moment!

it will be a great memory for his baby book!

:: ici ::

:: chambray bleu avec la tortue et petits pois!
     (chambray blue with tortoise and polka dots!)

would i have ever thought to put a look like this together in a million years?

does chambray go with black polka dots on khaki?

well, it does here!

scream adorable!

(scratch head...what did i do with those fabulous Ralph Lauren sunglasses that i wore in 
the late 90's? )


 live for the drives and those hugs of joy in between!

major mom movie love...

(yes, Sandy B. looks "killer" in white crops!)

one Mississippi!!

Go Cougs!

Go Hawks!

Diana!  this one's for you!

in a few minutes,  i will be departing on a road trip to Boise with my FAVE sports guy.

(a little "one on one" with my son.)

i finally cashed in on that Christmas ticket i received three years ago!

 ( flying home Sunday morning.)


break huddle!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

more local brilliance...TED KENNEDY WATSON !





image by Ted Kennedy Watson


pre-sale reserve

since the moment

i heard about it!

every page is art!

every page holds a recipe for living beautiful !

Thank you, TKW!
(i hope i can get the day off on May 6th so you can sign it!)


Monday, April 21, 2014

a good kind of..."I'm exhausted!"

hello lovelies...

coffee and ohhhhhh sooooo sleepy on this Easter Monday morning!

Friday, i left work at three to have a laser procedure on my left eye. thank goodness for the two hour

nap afterwards...

The Dale Chihuly Glass Museum on the Tacoma waterfront, and our majestic Mt Rainier

it has been a whirlwind 

weekend with little


Jay left Boise after


and moving the 


is personal belongings

into temporary storage.
( i will pick you up to speed about his move
later this week.)

he arrived on 34th

street at 2:24 am

Saturday morning. 

i managed to sneak in 45 minutes of restful sleep until...

... the alarm went off at 3:30 am.

Mr D  had to be to work at the "UW" by 5.

Jaden and Lauren

Jay and i ran some necessary errands, 

dressed and headed for Lauren and

Jaden's wedding in Bellingham at 5pm.

( i was his "plus one", since Camille could not get away from Boise due to work and school.)

the ceremony and reception were held at the Alaska Ferry Terminal at the Port of Bellingham.

Lauren surrounded by her nieces.
(girls rule in her family. )

speaking of "Sleepless"... doesn't Lauren look a little like "Meg Ryan" here?

she always dresses "classic"..."understated and elegant".  she loves silk, so it did not surprise me that

her gown was white dupioni.

it was very plain on the front. the only "detail" was on the back...covered buttons and subtle sheering.

Lauren is Jay's close friend from his college days.

she is from a family filled with girls!

Lauren helped Jay chose

his bible, and has been

his "plus one"

date at weddings when

he wasn't dating

anyone at the time...and

vice versa.

she is also his personal

shopper at Nordstrom,

(she is a floor

manager at the Bellevue

Square store).

after the ceremony, they announced "#the hashtag", and told everyone to Instagram as much as

they wished!

the minister was

Jaden's brother.

there was a "selfie"

before Jaden and

Lauren headed down the

aisle as man and wife!





...very rosy cheeked, after a blonde ale at the

cocktail hour, a glass of "Cab" with dinner, and a

flute of champagne for toasting!

we arrived home from Bellingham at almost 1:00 am

Easter Sunday morning.

i threw on my yoga pants and a t-shirt, made a cup of tea, and fell asleep on the couch, before

eventually waking up and going to bed.

before church i made biscuits and gravy and cinnamon rolls.

Chrislyn, Jason and the kiddos in radiant orchid, orange, celadon and navy! 

Chrislyn and Jason hosted Easter dinner for 20+.

 i was in charge of the "cooked greens", so  i roasted  four pounds of  broccoli, and sauteed "haricots verts"

in olive oil and butter. i tossed in roasted pine nuts, shallots, garlic, and topped it all off with shaved parm.

the energizer bunnies kept going...

and going.

they even managed a twilight round of golf with Uncle Jay, before bath time!

happy Easter Monday!