Friday, March 14, 2014


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 “a smooth turn made by pivoting on the toes in relevé.

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  [rel-uh-veyFrench ruhluh-vey] noun Ballet.
"a rising up onto full point or half point from the flat of the feet."

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seeking sweet and savory turns détournés,

on the way to the weekend!

here's to raising our glasses to full point, on half point!
( if you can raise your glass on full tell, ballerina! )


Monday, March 10, 2014


helloooo Pacific daylight time!


thanks to those of you that shared your favorite green smoooothie combos
on my last blog post!


if it's not pouring rain, i will be heading outside after work, tonight.

first, i'll step a few laps around "the loop" with the

Chocolate Gousse...then, some moments in the garden before

dinner and dark. it's nice to have that extra hour of  light.

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soon (April), i will be ditchin' the fall and winter dark ponte knits for 

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my most favorite fabric of all...LINEN! 
 ( i will never tire of this look.)  

the image on the right found here.

it's time to plan dinners that are oven ready, and have the

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work duds laid out...ready to jump "into" for digging at dusk !

the local farmers markets will be opening in a few weeks!

(a quick snap of last night's the daylight!)

only 10 days 3 hours and 1 minute to go!