Saturday, January 4, 2014

baby steps, when i wanted clean and mean...and closing Christmas!

i had it in hit the new year like a linebacker!

Bobby Wagner, Seattle Seahawks rookie linebacker




instead,  a set back by a little virus that could.

:: ici ::

 i did make it in to work.

the Doc's schedules were reduced a bit for the holidays, 

which allowed for shorter, low census days.

after work, i came home and crashed.

with all of the cold "meds" that i have been loaded up on,

i feel like i have been living in a fog!



have been living in a fog!


the night before last, i just couldn't put another piece of 

Kleenex up to my nose. before bed, i downed my Nyquil shot,

and went to the clean rag bag and grabbed a soft old

tattered flour sack dish towel.

... sort of like a "hankie-blankie"!

i know...not a pretty sight or thought, but somehow, it just felt better.

finally, a good sleep!   

i have been popping in to your blogs to see how you are doing.

it has appeared that the season has taken it's toll on some

of you as well!

some of you are transitioning into 2014 with a style and grace that

i am envying at this moment.  Bravo! 

our Christmas Season was wonderful... of the best - blessed yet!

we had our whole family together more than once. 

my Mom and Dad are both doing well! 

the "Grands" always bring us joy!

Holland's speech and vivacious personality at times is comedy

 relief at it's greatest!

Ben's first steps, have set stride into "toddlerdom", and new freedom.

that old song, "Counting My Blessings",  played in my heart,

all season long.  

we are invited to a very fun party today.

a year end fish fry and Russian Orthodox Christmas celebration.

it's a sweet remembrance of our close friend Steve's mother's heritage.

  i am to bring the coleslaw.

     i just looked over to Mr D.  

i am sad.

while writing this post,

it has come to my realization that we won't be able to

attend this year's Russian Christmas.

that damn (so sorry) darn bug has now latched onto Mr D!

( it even grabbed Jay before he headed back to Boise. )

i called Alice to relay our regrets...she was

so kind and understanding.

i'm sorry Steve and Al, i just don't want to pass this crud on to

another living soul!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

what are you doing New Year's Day?

the tree's down!

touch down!

we may not be feeling the greatest...

...but were feeling warm and cozy by the fire!

ringing in the New Year with shots of Dayquil and ginger ale chasers?

it's bound to happen with all those party - hard - holiday - hugs!

watching football with our sports guy and his gal!

everything is rosy!

happy New Year lovelies!

you are the best blog friends...the BEST!


...all images from Pinterest!

Monday, December 30, 2013

holiday wedding !

hello Monday!

before i head off to work, i thought that i would

share a little photo collage from the wedding

we attended on Friday night.

Chrislyn posted the images on facebook. i took them to PicMonkey.

Mr D and i, along with our friends Alice, Steve, Bill and Doreen

were in charge of blowing out the 200 plus 

votive candles in the various mason jars, and packing them

for storage in the church kitchen. we also volunteered to

transport the gifts to the reception.

while we were carrying out our duties, the kid's took a few 

photos by the Christmas trees. 

if one ever wished to save money on wedding decor, a Christmas wedding

would be a good choice.  the church and the country club looked amazing!

this morning, i feel ever so fortunate to have the sweetest images of my

beautiful family for keeping and sharing.