Friday, December 13, 2013

at her very first Nutcracker...she was invited back stage!

she was whirling and twirling!

"Holland, can you say Tchaikovsky?"

"Tchaikovsky, Grandma!"

she was a vision in pink and gold brocade, with the perfect

"Swan Lake" ruffled bag!  inside was a little "cash" from 

Grandpa and a small snack ("en case").

( Holland calls money, cash.  it kills me!)

my girls. 

 my precious girls!

Holland caught the attention of a member of the ballet company.

fifteen minutes before curtain time we were on a quick  private tour

back stage.  The Pacific Northwest Nutcracker set was designed 

by Maurice Sendak.  

remember the children's book Where the Wild Things Are?

his set is nothing short of wild! 

...maybe a little scary at times.

Holland loved it...

...even at the loudest moments when the Mouse King fell!

here is a free printable link to The Pacific Northwest Ballet's Nutcracker

FUN PACK.   i am dying to make

Frau Stahlbaum’s Ginger Cookies!


French bread on Friday...Tableau!

hello Friday!

i'll be dressing for The Nutcracker soon.

Mr D is watching Ben.

it's 7:00 am. Chrislyn just called to tell me

that she has already been to the store this morning

and has picked up all of  her Dad's and Ben's favorite foods.

 she was making their lunches and snacks.

she's amazing.


now on to French bread!

today i am going in a whole different direction.

how about Paris? 

via facebook?

i must say that i love facebook because it is a vehicle 

for me to watch the kids from our neighborhood living

their dreams.  every day i am "privy" to a new dream or goal achieved.

Visual Analytics For Everyone.

tableau vivant
faire un tableau

when the image below popped up on facebook last week, i knew 

it was meant to shared on a French bread Friday!

smart girls women marketing software in Paris.

(they are touring the site of a new hotel.)

hotels and banks are huge customers for Tableau.

the "lovely" on the right is one of Chrislyn's childhood friends.

she was also one of the best defenders on our soccer team.  

(i don't know if i ever told you that i coached girls soccer

when the kids were in grade school and middle school.)

when i gave Alaina an assignment, it was always carried it

 out to her ultimate potential.  

Alaina was a bridesmaid in Chrislyn and Jason's wedding.

she was present to help with the decorating details and for

moral support, (five weeks before the wedding i was diagnosed with

 breast cancer and had the first surgery the week before the wedding.)

i just have to stop here and say this...

my daughter and Alaina are strong and amazing women.

they both go the extra mile...always.  

they are passionate about their rolls in life and in the workplace.

when i saw this image on facebook, immediately thought...

"OMGoodness, there is Alaina donning a hard hat in Paris...

...I LOVE IT!"

minus hard hat and glasses, she is the epitome of fashion. 

a toast!

an embrace!

à brillant, beau, et analytique femme, façonné par Dieu et ...


Thursday, December 12, 2013

this post started as "just one pic"...and ended up with three!

the carpet is in!

it's time to deck the halls!

i can't believe i am doing this!

no makeup! my work clothes!

real as real!

Alice said, "Lynne, i have to take a picture before i go!"

...and you know it landed on facebook!

( MarCellaaaaa! you requested a Mimosa.)

 that's exactly what my 

sweet friend  Alice delivered, along with a tin of her 

coveted Chex mix. 

as you can see, everything needed to be put back in it's 

place. Mr. D helped with the heavy stuff when he returned

from work.  the holiday transition has begun.


 i am telling's like walking on clouds around here!

i am off to the shower, and back to work. 

 ...for tomorrow, there is another day off.  

Chrislyn is treating both grandmothers to 

Holland's first Nutcracker.

 Miss H will be wearing pink and gold brocade.

...and nail polish!

(two years and five months is such a wonderful age.)

the image above was taken Tuesday night, at her little 

"get dressed" rehearsal.

(she has asked to try her dress on several times.)

she sat very still while Momma painted the pink coat, 

and the sparkle coat.  she followed instructions,

holding her fingers to dry for almost 30 minutes.

 she will likely need a touch up or a redo before Friday!

our seats are orchestra level.  

i can't wait to see her eyes when the overture begins and

the curtain goes UP!

perfect shower music!   la  la  la  la...  la la la la la la la!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

just a little random 34...our table is full, our life is good!

hellooo darling, darlings!

in blogland, i am loving the mix of everything decked and beautiful,

and...those that have perhaps bitten off a little more than

they can chew, ( like me ).  

embrace it or tackle it!

 it's all OK!

Ben's "rookie of the year" first birthday party...

 the past few days our family has been on the fast track! 

Chrislyn cooked all day Friday, and Saturday. 

Ben's party was wonderful. everyone left well fed and loved!

Sunday, brought a lovely wedding shower and dinner for the 

daughter of some good friends. 

(...and sadly a loss to the 49 'ers.)


 on Sunday night, i said...

i need to get to the office to rest.  this does NOT mean that

i am lazy at work. at the present, work is the only place in my 

life that is in good order. the rest is what i call

organized chaos. 

Jay flew in and out of Seattle to cover Boise State's Coach 

Pete, accepting his new roll as head coach at the University of 

Washington. our schedules totally conflicted. since Mr D works

at the U-Dub, he popped outside for quick a curbside visit, as 

Jay was travelling to and from the stadium. 

 this will be our first Christmas Day without Jay.

it's both bitter and sweet.

 he will be headed across "the Pacific"... cover Boise State at the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl. 

i think those of us that have been deep freezing it

 here in "the other 49" would love to be there for Christmas.  

Mele Kalikimaka, Jay!

(sing it with!)

this the dark...the farm table at the 

heart of our home is piled high!

the new carpet arrives tomorrow at 8 am.

my girlfriend Alice is bringing champagne!

ahhhh sipping sweet morning Champagne, with Alice!

too cool!