Friday, November 29, 2013

French bread on Friday! two posts in one day? it's never too late for French bread and gratitude!

hi darlings!

i sipped two glasses of  "Crimson Cabernet" and cheered 

for our Cougs!

we lost.

it was a good game.

i had just finished analyzing the game with my precious Sports 

Guy, when we pulled into the drive.  

( j'adore analyser les sports avec Jay.)

 much to my surprise, a parcel was greeting me behind our 

storm door! i was surprised because i had thought that this 

loveliness was lost in the mail!


i met her through dearest Anita!

i won this beautiful book on her blog, a few weeks ago!

Sandy is an expert at travel...

... from fares... to de fa├žon confortable,

 and so...much... more!

speaking of travel, Mr D and i will be headed to SeaTac at 7:30pm

 to retrieve Jason,

 Chrislyn and the "Grands"!   they are on their way home from Phoenix.

a pot of coffee is in order before tonight's final adventure!

Downtown Seattle...Black Friday 2013!

this is how we roll in the land of the green mermaid!

this morning's pre-breakfast is on the farm table...and the Apple Cup!

good morning!

i hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Mr D and i are just chillin'... early morning "loss leader" quests for us!

The Chocolate Gousse had an extra workout with yesterday 

morning's fetch! we didn't crack open the paper until an hour 

ago. by the time you read this, it will be recycled! 

thank goodness!

today, we celebrate the 106th Apple Cup!

the Washington State Cougars 


the University of Washington Huskies.

this year, the game is in Seattle.

the image above is from Apple Cup 2005 when

the students and alumni of WSU won the

honor of having their colors fly

atop the Space Needle, by doubling

the UW with Katrina relief donations!


(mind you...the UW is much bigger, housing the

med school and the law school.

Washington State is the agriculture school, 

and also boasts a wonderful veterinary 

school and communications school with emphasis

on broadcast journalism.)

both Chrislyn and Jay are WSU grads.

our son in law, Jason graduated from Washington State

a couple years ahead of Chrislyn. he has an MBA from

UW, but is COUG through and through!

this morning, above Seattle, on The Smith Tower under the prettiest ice blue sky!

today,  COUG SPIRIT won again, the

Seahawk's 12th Man flag has been taken down from the

 Smith Tower for one day to fly the Cougar flag!   


i need  to get going...'s time to text "it's game day", to Jay and don my

 Crimson and Grey!

kickoff is at 12:30 pm PST! 


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

what is your favorite recipe for Christmas mix? sharing a moment in time that was better than a hallelujah!

early yesterday morning, i received an email from Heather.

she is a talented and inspiring blog friend, and a 

close neighbor to the north, 

residing in oh so lovely, British Columbia!

Horseshoe Bay, BC... my favorite view on our way to Whistler!

she asked me to answer, in one 

sentence, how do you get into the holiday spirit?

this year, the answer was easy, a one word sentence!


"it's beginning to sound
a lot like Christmas, everywhere i go!"

on Monday night, Mr D and i set out to try on furniture. 

(i know! it's exciting! there will be more about the new furniture and carpet, ahead!) 

we each drew out our smart phones, 

in a duel to see who's Christmas mix would be played first! 

he won! 

in this instance, i was glad.

his mix is a little more classical than mine.

  Mr D's recipe is:

1 cup nuts, (Tchaikovsky brand)

1 cup ebony and ivory, (the old George Winston a la 

Nordstrom piano man brand)


1 cup of Bing, (White Christmas vintage)!

i immediately went from riding shotgun to 

closing my eyes to dance with the snowflakes. 

 (i dropped 10 pounds within the first 10 notes.)

my recipe is similar to his, i use the same helping of nuts, 

tossed with ebony and ivory.

i add 1/3 cup of vintage White 

Christmas and 1/3 of cup hymns from my childhood choir days. 

i finished my mix with a 1/3 cup of pure

80's Christmas, Amy Grant!

Amy will always be in my mix. 

one of my favorite memories of the past is driving in the dark 

with the kids in the back seat, taking in the lighted splendor 

of the season.


with the music, blasting,

 my precious angels and i would sing

Amy's entire Christmas "cassette" to the top of our lungs!


Wonderful counselor!

Lord of Life, Lord of all;

He's the Prince of Peace, Mighty God, Holy One!



to the moments in life that are "better

than a Hallelujah"! (thank you, Amy!)

i am thankful for this past year's moments of sharing. we 

shared our happiness and beauty, and our yummies and good times.

there was a world full of hugs and prayers for those moments in 

time that handed us challenges. 

our daily sharing has filled my mind, my heart 

and my soul,


H a p p y  T h a n k s g i v i n g !