Saturday, November 23, 2013

this morning on the farm table...i am starting to feel it!

yesterday, when i arrived home from work,

Mr D greeted me with...

"Lynne, what is in that big box that arrived today?"

my answer was...

"the beginnings of this year's Christmas, hi honey!"

(you always end the sentence with "honey" when

an unannounced parcel with your name on it

hits the doorstep!)





Cat's French vintage wine tags are the inspiration for

this year's Advent calendar!




it was from save - on - crafts!

i found some very "cool stuff" there this year!

from now until Christmas Day there will be no time to

sit idly while watching the Cougs and the Hawks!

the first peek at Advent...

...zinc and natural!

a parcel filled with very special numbers should be

arriving before long!

once the numbers are are placed,

i will be adding a touch of Christmas color!

can't wait to show you the finish!


Friday, November 22, 2013

bonjour, Jack Frost! bonjour vert sirène!

good morning all!

when i woke up this morning it was 26 degrees in T-Town!


...g a s p !


u n b e l i e v a b l e !

mind you, Mr D has to be at the bus stop by 5:30!

:: ici ::

thank goodness i already packed our lunches of chicken and 

noodles, (left over from last night)!

with no time make it to the store, and back to brew,

 i defrosted my little "Commuter Corolla",

 and set out to visit the green mermaid. 

Friday's first at the drive-thru! 

 a first for me too!

 "one Venti and one Grande Mocha, please!"

(thinking...just enough for his commuter cup and the thermos!)

it was a perfect estimate, with two sips left for me!

he was surprised when he came downstairs.

"Lynne, you didn't have to do this!"

i casually said,

"no biggie, do you know that i was first in line?"

"i don't think that i have ever been the first customer of 

the day at Starbucks before!"

out the door he went...

...and here i am,

LOVING the fact that

Jack Frost has been hanging around 34th street for 

a few days now!

i am not proud that i pray for Jack to visit.

i ALWAYS request a couple of deep frosts at Thanksgiving,

for i am afraid of certain creatures that seem to 

prevail in the Fall.  

(rest in peace little crawly creatures.)

 next week, when the last bite of Turkey is 

consumed, and the last dish is dried, i will head down the 

stairs into the crawl space under the house,

to take my first peek at what lies ahead!

i can't hardly wait!

have a wonderful weekend, dear friends!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Back to the fridge... Mr D is in the kitchen!

when i returned home from work tonight,

Mr D had rearranged the fridge.

he made duck breast jalapeno poppers, and skewered a few shrimp.

everything was ready for the grill as soon as i popped in the door!

not your ordinary Wednesday menu!

the dishes are done, a load of laundry is in and

i'm ready to curl up with a pillow and quilt on the sofa.

"celebrating the bounty of the season!"

nightie night, sweets!


Sunday, November 17, 2013

click! click! me prendre au "bleu", allez-vous s'il vous plaît!

there is a garden shed in Texas that holds a 

French fairy tale.
if only i could click my heels. 

:: click ::

que c'est beau! 

un merveilleux marché en effet!