Friday, September 20, 2013

French bread on Friday...pomme voyage, part two...

as i was putting this post together, i thought...

...if i ever to 

return to France, i would like it to be in September.

this time with, Mr D.  we would visit Normandy, (he is 

a big history "buff"). after Paris, we could take... 

...La Route du Cidre.

"Cider came to France by way of Kazakhstan. As caravans traveled west from where apples originated, the travelers discarded their apple cores and seeds on the roadside. These seeds grew into fruit-bearing apple trees and, eventually, made their way to modern day Brittany and Normandy, where the cooler climate proved difficult for grape production but ideal for apple cultivation."

"There are mentions of cider making in Normandy and Brittany as early as the middle ages and Charlemagne even documented the consumption of French cider in the early 10th century. But it was with the invention of the cider press in the 13th century that helped secure cider's place at the French table."
...more on French cider here!

with Autumn just three days away,  i thought it would be timely 

to share a site that i found with French recipes that 

flavor with cider.

:: cider recipes here ::

i substitute the call for Cognac in French onion 

soup with a little shot of Calvados, during the Autumn months. 

this morning i brought the Boulard to the kitchen.

it's so perfect in it's place as Autumn decor!

i love to have it near, to remind me to 

bring a sip of Pays d'Auge to my Autumn recipes.

we will be welcoming Autumn with Julia's French onion soup

 on Sunday. i'll start the cooking process at halftime of

the Seahawks game. football and French onion soup...

...the best of two worlds! 

here's to the weekend!

go Cougs!

bienvenue automne!

go Seahawks!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

just one pic! a little ramble, ramble, the snuggle bugs, and... a little more ramble.

welcome friends old and new!

you have been lighting up "ville de blog" with such

Autumn loveliness and yumminess!

thank you, thank you for all the inspiration!

* * *

this has been one challenging work week for most of us 

at the office. we have been clocking out pretty weary. 

(don't get me wrong, i am NOT complaining, as i am grateful to 

have a good job.)  Mr D has been working much overtime.

 he leaves for work at 5:30 am and walks in

the door at 7:30 pm.  did i mention that he received a recent 

promotion? whoot! whoot!

after dinner, we grabbed our laptops and popped 

on to facebook to find...


our little...SNUGGLE BUGS!


(doesn't it look like Dora is winking?)

it's so much fun watching the love and

mutual admiration grow between the two little

bugs! Holland is such a good big sister, and

Ben is trying to hard to "stand up and go" to 

keep up with her.  bitten twice, we 

experienced a sweet reaction from the snuggle bugs.

the challenges of the day, suddenly disappeared from mind.

the image brought back that memory of checking on 

the kids before retiring...

...when the busy bugs looked like little sleeping angels. 

 the perfect peaceful moments that

i miss so very much, but will be so ever grateful to have had!

 we are blessed!


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday...tried and true... yummies and scents!

i have officially been bitten by the


(when you live in a part of the world where beautiful 

warm Summers are few and far between, 

you hold on as long as you can!)

a little baking before work was planned for this morn'!

last week, i visited Elizabeth's Favorites On Friday post

and spied this yummy recipe.

:: recipe here ::

i "pinned it" and over the weekend about 50 other

people re-pinned my pin!  yesterday, and this morning,

the pinning continues...

i just popped a batch of Elizabeth's bars in the oven!

Mr D has to work late, so it will be a nice surprise.

last Saturday, i picked up a few Fall scents "on special" at 

Bath and Body Works.  this fragrance is called "leaves".

with the bars baking and the candle burning,  i am in pure 

Autumn morning heaven, putting this post together. 


there's the bell!

it's time to cool the bars...blow out the candle, 

take that last sip 

of house brew and hit the shower!

perfect! out of the oven and ready to 

frost when i return!


Sunday, September 15, 2013

just one pic!

i think this one could go viral!

once again, it's time for flu shots...i'm making it

quite clear that i do NOT want to be immune

to the Paris flu!