Friday, August 9, 2013

French bread on Friday, part two...a decorating "faux pas"!

my black cupboard makeover was a HUGE disappointment!

it was both BOLD, and CRAZY, (like that print fabric),

 for me to publish my decor disaster this morning.

i just had to share my frustration with you before 

i headed off to work.

as soon as i arrived home from the office this evening...

...i went straight to the cupboard!

the fabric and letters are gone!

 there will be nothing to hide the prettiness that is happening inside!

i am filling it with French creme, linen, lavender and laundered burlap!

the simple and pretty things that i use almost everyday!

nuit mes chers ceux la bonne!


French bread on Friday...the black cupboard make over!

happy Friday everyone!

 i am nearly finished with the black cupboard makeover!

the cupboard was a Craig's List find about two years ago.

 it was due time to add some needed pizazz to what has appeared

to be a big black hole between the living room and dining room.

i kept the transition simple and on the cheap!

here are my inspiration photos...

i am not sure where i found this image, if it is yours, do tell!   


this image taken by Susan Hawthorne on her recent trip to 

France.  if you are seeking francophile inspiration visit her here.

the cupboard needs a bit more tweaking... so far it has

taken on a fun and bold transition...

here's before!  (lot's of clutter)

and now!

 i am still in the process of sorting linens, but i am really loving

the concept of decluttering this place!

i ordered the "Tracey Beachcomber" fabric on line.

 it arrived BIGGER and BOLDER than i expected. 

i was a bit disappointed, but it's growing on me!

i apologize about the quality of my photos, i shot the images early 

yesterday morning, and this morning before work. 

the project took on a whimsical, modern interpretation of the inspiration

 images above.  at night the flameless candle gives a soft glow to reveal  

C A F É  on the windowpanes. 


now, i am contemplating new knobs!

i'm off to the office!

happy weekend!


Monday, August 5, 2013

this morning, on the farm table...summer into fall!

i love this time of year...

i wasn't going to post until Friday, but i just had to snap this 

pretty image of this morning's sunlight peeking in!   

( i am washing and sorting table linens to be kept in the black cupboard.)

i can feel a change in the atmosphere.

i can see the deep into Summer golden glow outside. 

it's a very beautiful day here in the Pacific Northwest!

i wish you all a wonderful week!