Friday, July 12, 2013

French bread on Friday! bonbons "parfait" !

framboises avec des

:: ici ::

 pépites de chocolat!

:: ici ::

bonbons "parfait!"

:: ici ::

(with a couple sips of...Pasek sweet!)

"digestif"  in the backyard, by the fire!

happy weekend!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July's pink post!

life is better 

when you are 

in the pink!

summer cotton candy!


rosy cheeks!

little presents with BIG bows!

cotton jammies!



fingers and toes!

don't forget!


~ all images from pink!

Monday, July 8, 2013

day six...sans camera..."ad-lib"...bits of the weekend and...more from "parfait"!

we had the best four day weekend!

Jay arrived home on the 4th as planned.

he loved his welcome home biscuits and gravy and the baseball cross!

his visit been laid back and fun. 

we spent the first three days just kickin', and cookin' up

yumminess around the house and

going for a country rides to some of our favorite places.

on Friday night we had a great dinner at 

The Windmill Bistro.

the weather was perfect, so we dined in l'air frais!

:: ici ::

i drank my first "Hummingbird"! it was served in this wonderful glass/carafe!

2 parts brut champagne or sparkling wine
1 part St Germain
2 parts sparking eau minérale or if you prefer, club soda.
stir gently and serve with a lemon twist!

you may find more recipes here!

yesterday, while Jay caught up with his, uncle and, later with his best friend,

i played around with a new look for my blog and watched a movie with Mr D.

 i pinned something new to my latest inspiration board...

:: ici ::

...summer trifle...with meringue!

perfect! "parfait!"


Sunday, July 7, 2013

while the camera is away... i'll be sharing "parfait!"

you may be thinking...Lynne, why not use your phone?

(i am very disappointed in the quality of images from my android.)

thank goodness, Mr D and i are due to exchange them in the Fall.

without a proper camera, i will be sharing "what's inspiring me right now!"

the images are from Susan Hawthorne's recent trip to France.  

her photographs inspired me to create a Pinterest board called...


the linen table clothes and luminaries have inspired some changes for the 

chandie and the farm table. 

i cannot tell you how much i have enjoyed her posts and how very inspiring they 

have been to me. her journey starts  "H E R E".   

you will love it!