Friday, June 14, 2013

French bread on Friday! tout de suite...too sweet, this morning's guilt free slice of French bread and a kiss for dad!





too so sweet!

this morning's guilt free French bread with

a fresh amazingly sweet nectarine and coffee!

(3 more slices to go!)

may God bless all dad's here on 
earth, and those keeping an eye 
on us from heaven!

happy weekend!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

casually, off the cuff! and... i am happier than a camel on hump day!

many years ago i was a buyer of fashion jewelry

for Frederick & Nelson, located in Seattle, a division of

Marshall Field & Company. anyone that was acquainted with "Fields" misses

the amazing "carriage trade" retailer.   the international fashion shows in 

the tea room...the museum-like displays of exquisite European glass...

Frango sundaes...the doorman...and the best Santa Claus in town!

on occasion,  i would have pop up trunk shows!

this morning,

i was captured by this lovely image!

which led me here.   if i was buying now, i would bring back this

look for a special  hot summer casual  show!  

i immediately zeroed in on the gilded bohemian blue chalcedony!

the bohemian blue is so beautifully fired up with the druzy citrine!

incendiĆ© !


un mariage parfait de la torche et de la nature de l'artiste!

" parfait de la torche!"

(ahhh the language of fashion!)

simple statement pieces for Summer 2013!

watch the garage sales and vintage shops for this retro return!

(oh that was fun!)

it's hump day!

 have you seen that cute Geico commercial with the joyous camel?

it's silly, and so am I today sooooo....what the heck!

"i'm happier than a camel on Wednesday!"


Monday, June 10, 2013

a year from now...there will be a backyard filled blue-green light and presents for all!

this little quote has become my mantra.

this morning, i have added it to my sidebar to keep me on track!

i kept thinking about the quote as Mr D and i worked outside yesterday!

after living in this house for thirty two years, we are completely  redoing

our yard.  a different philosophy...

:: ici ::
...we're creating a garden of gifts!

the lavender we planted last Summer is flourishing. we now have nine plants.

we planted the culinary varieties in terracotta pots.  i took this image 

early yesterday, at sunrise, seeking the blue-green light.

as of yesterday morning, we had not yet addressed the vegetable garden space. 

we decided not to plant a traditional vegetable garden this year, as we love to

 support the local farmers markets. 

 the wire fence isn't very pretty. i had hoped to open the space, but our 100 pound

 Chocolate Lab likes to seek garden snacks. she grazes like a giraffe!

 seriously...she was already scoping the new plants. 

Labrador Retriever spit on a fresh produce is not very appetizing!

Mr D and i agreed that we would plant blueberries.

the garden shop at Fred Meyer had nice blueberry bushes for 4.99!

Mr D roto-tilled, and we made a sweet little bed for the blueberries.

it is going to be fun when the "grands" come picking!  in the weeks ahead,

we will be adding a current bush, (for scones) and three hydrangeas plants,

 for fresh and dry bouquet gifting!

:: ici ::

i can't wait to pick an edible bouquet of blueberries, lavender,

bay leaf and rosemary, to display upon the kitchen windowsill,

:: ici ::

or to fill a mason jar for family and friends!

:: ici ::

i am looking forward to blueberry lemonade or making my first ever Mojito!
(this has to be the prettiest drink that i have ever pinned!)

hmmmm... we need some mint in the mix!

here's to a garden of gifts!