Friday, April 5, 2013

French bread on Friday...bringing a French flower shop to 34th street.

hello beautiful darlings!

i am SO HAPPY to utter the words...

...thank God! it's Friday!

it's just of those weeks!

you know.

you've been there.

a week when you have to dig deep to seek missing energy.

 i'm at the farm table.

one cup of coffee has been consumed...and...

...i have turned my mind and heart towards the weekend!  

yes, there will be more Spring cleaning on the agenda.

 once the chores are finished, i can begin working on transforming 

the dining room into a French flower shop for the remainder of April 

and the merry month of May.

look what arrived from England this week! 

vintage French seed labels...

... and ... petite ...vintage French seed packets.

the weekend forecast says, "more April showers!"

it's perfect weather for planting new pretty inside!


Monday, April 1, 2013

bonjour linen!

today's the day!

from April first to October first, i wrap my world in linen! 

this morning, i started the day with coffee and a little {Lynnen} Pinter"fest"!

:: ici ::


Sunday, March 31, 2013

in the hollow on 34th street...

Mr and Mrs Chenille Rabbit keep an eye on the carrot patch from 

family room window.

a family of chic little rabbits reside in the planter box above the kitchen sink. 

 (a sweet reminder of the the family of four that once shared the hollow!)

there's a day old baguette that is waiting to be transformed into...

i can't sleep so i am counting...

...sheep blessings.

Happy Easter!