Friday, March 29, 2013

French bread on Friday. dust bunnies and sweet blessings!

just in cast you missed it...

Matthew Meade's dust bunnies...

...and sweet blessings.

visit Matthew's white Easter gallery
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Good Friday.


"hot cross buns are made with love...for friendship sake. the tradition is that
they are formed...baked...and given in increments of two. sharing a hot cross bun
with a friend on Good Friday will keep the friendship strong throughout the year."

cross... my... heart.

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

some bunny loves you! March's pink post!

hi darlings!

i couldn't forget...

...and neither should you!

it's a warm and fuzzy reminder...

to check on the girls!


source of images... PINK RIBBON 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Lindsay's mimosa tax day, ABBA, and the last week of my workplace motivation assignment...

first, a little followup from my last post about taxes and Spring cleaning!

(with reference to Spring cleaning after taxes...)

my friend Jane said, " i can think of better things to do after taxes!" about before taxes?

her comment made me immediately think of this image from

lindsay p designs, ...the blog.

(i could not link directly to her post of  March 11 entitled

Tax Day Mimosas, but this will take you to her blog and her shop

to navigate through her chic cuteness!




cleaning part.

in my last post, i shared the crisp clean images from Julia's blog.

 the fact Julia is from Sweden could very well have

sparked the notion to dig up some ABBA and crank it up while i

cleaned, on Saturday.  ( i just had to be sure that Mr D was out of the house.)

...and just when... are thinking,


 enough already...

... let this cleaning thing go!

i  leave you for

here, and then on to the office.

"people often say that motivation doesn't last. 

well, neither does bathing that's why we 

recommend it daily."

                                                                            ~ Zig Ziglar

(try showering with fresh eucalyptus, you'll love it!)