Friday, February 15, 2013

French bread on Friday... birthday breakfast...

ready to be touched with raspberry jam and a drizzle of honey!

( i know that you are not surprised! )

enjoy the weekend! 

i'll see you at random tea with an amazing scone recipe

on the Monday!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

a whimsical Wednesday's wrap with lot's of love for all!

hi there!

:: bonjour, petit Anita! ::

(isn't she the cutest?)

i couldn't think of a sweeter greeting than 

little Anita, peeking around the pretty edge of a perfect envelope!

this morning, before setting the table for addressing

my Valentines, i wrapped gifts for two of

my sweet and patient blog friends and their pooches.

i included some fun doggie recipes from Gousse's recipe box.

to Kim and Donna,(from earlier wraps),and Danielle and Linda...
... i hope to have everything posted by the weekend.
i will email tracking numbers to notify all of you. 

with the wrapping complete, it was time to set the

table for addressing my Valentines. ( i have been keeping my last

French fig candle from Donna to light for tonight's ritual.)

 as i stated in Monday's post, this is the first year in my life

that i planned not to make and assemble my Valentines.

in January, i fell in...early Valentine love with Anita Rivera's whimsical

designs!  i ordered two boxes of cards from her Etsy shop.

i chose her GREATEST LOVE image as well as the image of

Count Sealyham and the red balloon.  they arrived beautifully boxed.

 each card is hand touched with glittered hugs and kisses. i can't wait

to light the candle and write!

i wish you all a Happy Valentines Day!


Monday, February 11, 2013

random tea... it's a giant cup today!

i googled random tea and found this!

:: here ::
it's a real place!  in Philly!

this Monday morning's tea choice was a no brainer for me.

in will my tea of the week!

:: here ::

this week is my favorite week of the year!

i will be one year older when the week is finished!

i was sooooo close to being a Valentine baby.

my Mom always said, " you wanted a day of your own."

i  remember feeling a little sinful eating birthday cake when 

Lent started early, as it will this year.

i couldn't sleep on Saturday night, so i worked on a new

look for the blog!  it's my favorite so far.

i had my last Dayquil...with a shot of ibuprofen cocktail on Saturday

morning. i looked at the clock at noon and thought..."could it be over?"

it IS over!

thank goodness...because... Chrislyn, Jason and the  g r a n d s

sent me to French macaron class on Sunday.

i was worried that i was going to have to cancel!

these little sweets can be a challenge. our class was a success!

hazelnut with praline butter creme filling
raspberry with dark chocolate ganache
violet with white chocolate rose ganache

while transporting them home a little dark chocolate ganache

landed on a violet heart! sort of like the Reese's chocolate and

peanut butter story only way more romantic!

 "is that dark chocolate ganache on my violet with white 

chocolate rose ganache ?"  i "dibs" that one!

aren't they pretty?

about a week ago, i blogged about Cecilia Rosslee.

when i visited her Etsy shop, i discovered her

:: here ::

amazing natural foundation and make up brush cleaning soap.

i love a Sunday when i can wash my brushes and line them up on a white terry towel.

 it's a little sign of life order, (which seems to have been missing for awhile.)

Cecilia's pretty soap makes it an extra lovely ritual!

 i usually make my Valentines. 

this year, i decided to purchase them from

a very sweet and talented woman. i will share my " sweet little Vali's",

along with all of the special deliveries that the farm table is holding, 

on Wednesday.  are you ready to wrap?