Friday, February 8, 2013

French bread on Friday... curseurs brioche?

b r i o c h e    s l i d e r s !

 i was actually going try to make my own mini brioche buns, but
when i was at The Metropolitan Market shopping for our
 favorite cave aged Gruyere, i stumbled upon these

perfect little buns from the Macrina Bakery.
Macrina presents their baked goods in such a pretty package.
each is tied with a chocolate grosgrain ribbon!

i bought four packages of eight!

perfect for my contribution to Superbowl Sunday!

Brioche Sliders and French Onion Soup!

i used organic ground beef.
( Kobe' beef could be an excellent alternative for
 Valentine's Day.)

yum... my very favorite cave aged Gruyere !

i  sliced and sauteed six big Walla Walla Sweets!

i served the sliders with a yummy French onion soup recipe that i found here!
( i was so focused on the sliders that i forgot to take a picture of the soup!)
once i arrived at the party, i assembled the burgers to go under the broiler.

each burger was topped with cheese, i also buttered each top!

the lids were popped on!

they were ready for dipping and sliding!

i have had so much fun with this concept!

if you choose not to go with the French onion soup...

you can pile sauteed onions directly onto the slider and turn it into
a French onion soup slider!

you could  also make them a French dip!

~ or ~

the sliders could be transformed into a romantic Valentine's day
appetizer or dinner!

take a lovely mix of greens and drizzle an infused olive oil over the top.
 sprinkle the greens with ground sea salt and pepper, and place the French
Onion Soup sliders on top.
(i tied the chocolate grosgrain ribbon on the wine glass!)
hellooo Valentine!  XO!

the Macrina Bakery has a product of the month.
this month it's "a moist red velvet cupcake filled with a dollop of vanilla
 bean pastry cream and topped with white chocolate buttercream frosting, 
a fresh raspberry, sugared rose petal, and sugar sprinkles."

Cupid's Cupcake!

(if i were to design a Lynne's Cupcake, this would probably be pretty close.
we may just have to drive 25 miles for this delicacy...i already have the
day on my radar!)

more romancing the blog next week!

have a great weekend!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

good morning, honey!

at yesterday's random tea, i received a few inquiries about 

:: here ::
the raspberry honey.

my fave is Anna's.
it's made right here in the PacNWest
i love the squeeze bears because they are easy 
to transport. i keep a bear with my random teas in my
desk drawer at work.
they sell Anna's honey at many stores
around this region. it is also available here.

the taste is subtle...perfect with lemon.

her blackberry honey is yummy too!

and thanks to my four cups of Lady Grey...with lemon and
raspberry honey, (along with the two doses of Ibuprofen i took
yesterday), and a prayer...when i woke up this morning,
 that scratchy throat was GONE!  

enjoy the day!


Monday, February 4, 2013

random tea... Lady Grey with lemon and raspberry honey...

my weekend was a perfect mix of wife - mother - grandmother.
my time in the kitchen was focused on MAN FOOD.
judging by the madness at the grocery store on Saturday and Sunday,
i was not the only one with MAN FOOD on the menu.

the manager of my market checked me out. he told me that 
Superbowl weekend is second only to the week before Thanksgiving. 

Mr D had to leave for work at 2 am Saturday morning.
while he was working, i cleaned house and laundered all of
our bedding. i then spent a couple hours
hugging my grandbabies over at Chrislyn and Jason's house.
they are experiencing coughs and colds, so the extra hugs and baby 
holding was appreciated... (mostly by me...shhhh!)

after visiting with the grands i went to Nordstrom to buy Chrislyn's
 birthday gift. 

i found this really chic free people peasant blouse !

 i  returned home to make baby back ribs for Mr D. they turned out
perfect! i recently found out that i am allergic to pork,  so it's not on the menu
as frequently as it was. ( i know...'s killing me)

for Superbowl Sunday...i made the traditional hot wings with Frank's and
 butter to be dipped in blue cheese dressing. i also added a
French touch to the sliders, which i will share on Friday!

i made French onion soup!
we had a Superbowl / birthday party planned at Chrislyn and Jason's.
it had to be cancelled since they were all under the weather.
Mr D and i packed the soup, sliders, wings and
salad over to their place where we dished up dinner and a few hugs.

today, i woke with a scratchy, but not sore throat... two ibuprofen and Lady Grey with lemon and raspberry
 honey was my choice this Monday morn!  it did the trick!  i knew that i
 would be feeling ready to roll at the end of this post!

while i was at Nordstrom, i treated myself to a new lipstick!

Lancome Rose Veil.

time to put it on and get to work!!!!

have a great week!

see ya Wednesday!