Saturday, December 15, 2012

our kindergarten angels...

when Chrislyn and Jay were in 
Kindergarten, they had the most amazing
teacher. her name was Mrs. Hutchins.

Chrislyn's Kindergarten Angel!

for the month of December, the bulletin board in the
front of the classroom was decorated with Christmas angels.

each child made their own.

Jay's Kindergarten Angel!

i broke tradition once again this year.
after the sad news of Friday...
...our Kindergarten angels were FIRST on the tree!

never in my life have i cherished them more!


Friday, December 14, 2012

oh Christmas tree! this year, you'll wear two skirts!

this year, we broke the tradition of cutting our tree at a tree farm.
we purchased it our Northshore produce stand.
 it's a Noble Fir.
 {my fave}
 in all my life, i cannot remember a more
fragrant tree in our home.  we stored it in the garage overnight to dry.
last evening, when we returned from work, the tree was still drying
in the garage...
...the house smelled like Christmas!

this morning, she is set to dress in the front entry corner of our
living room.

 she wears two skirts...

one  is a wicker skirt, that i purchased for 50% off last year, at terrain's

after Christmas sale,  the other is a vintage 1950's black quilted silk circle skirt.

:: here ::
terrain just marked down this year's "dipped version" of the wicker tree skirt!

tonight the lights will go on after while we eat homemade Clam Chowder
with a fresh baguette.  we'll place the ornaments on the tree tomorrow night
while watching... (i know it's tacky, but it's tradition)...
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

if i am lucky...there will be a late night showing of the original
movie...The Bishop's Wife!
 Mr D will go off to bed.
 i'll turn out all of the lights in the house. 
it will be Cary, Loretta, David and me with tree lights, 
a  fresh biscotti and tea. 


 :: if any of you know the name of the graphic artist responsible for
the image of tree girl...please tell!  ::

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

i'll have s'more please!

i'll be driving Jay to the airport in about an hour.
we could whip through the "drive through" at Starbucks or...

...i could make this!

  i used instant cocoa since time was a factor!
it's my effort to make parting...sweet!

(he will back on 34th Street Christmas Eve morn'!)


Monday, December 10, 2012

a little slice of life...

Chrislyn posted this on facebook last night. i took it
to picmonkey to share with you today!
it's a perfect image of Holland holding Ben for the
first time! she was so excited!

my favorite emotion in the world is joy through tears!
i love sharing life's perfect slices with all of you!


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bennett meets his Uncle Sports Guy!

Saturday was a busy day.
i cleaned and added a few simple Christmas touches to our guest room.

Jay's flight arrived in the early the evening after 

he and the crew at KTVB  held the annual 7 Cares holiday food drive.

(a little behind the scenes chilly silliness.)

on the way home from the airport,  first stop was to meet Ben!
uncle Jay had gifts for him!

after the visit, it was on to 34th street.

 w e l c o m e   h o m e!