Friday, November 30, 2012

a perfect fit !!!

i love to use the Ikea KVARNVIK 
hat boxes for organizing and gift giving.

while i was organizing some twine and lace a
couple weeks ago, a light came on!

i remembered two pretty crocheted pieces that were made by my
Grandmother, Hazel.  ( i think that she made them to
cover some lidded baskets.)  hmmm... i wonder...
would the pieces fit the Ikea hat boxes?...?

look!  a PERFECT fit!

Grandmother's pretty handwork is now out of that old keepsake
 box and crowning the new boxes!

so pretty...and put to practical use!

i wish you a wonderful weekend!

( i will be hauling out the Christmas boxes tomorrow! )


Thursday, November 29, 2012

sharing just a few of my blessings today!

Mom's view from her room at St Joseph's.
( that's our majestic Mount Rainier!)

just a peek at the some of the pretty in her room.

since Mom has some visual and sensory impairment
on the left side, the nurses have instructed us to
direct activity to her "left".  Mom has three hours
of rehabilitation activity scheduled each day.

we are blessed to be four "G's"!

there is a strong chance that Mom will here when
Chrislyn delivers our new grandson next week.

with work, and travel back and forth to the hospital,
i am a bit behind on correspondence. i have been 
popping in to keep up with all of you!  i wake each day
to be so very comforted by your thoughts and prayers. 

the image above confirms the power of
 prayer and love through family and friendship.
the staff at St. Joseph Medical Center
has been wonderful.


{Joy, thank you for capturing these wonderful images!}

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

this morning, at the farm table...

just a quick little hello...

... from the heart of our home!  

( i have yet to start decorating for Christmas.)

two books by Alexandra Stoddard are back on the table. 

Living The Beautiful Life and Creating A Beautiful Home.

when life gets a little overwhelming, Alexandra's books are my go to place.
  the books are over twenty five years old. back then, we didn't have blogs to
visit for inspiration and escape. Alexandra taught me about "Grace Notes"

my camera bag is shaped like a heart, and holds my Nikon Cool Pix
point and shoot, the cords (USB) and a lavender sachet. it's made of
printed linen and lined with Dupioni silk. 

in a few minutes, i will be heading to the office to address some paperwork,
and on to the hospital to take a long lunch hour with Mom and Dad.

Mom is doing okay so far. she has a little difficulty finishing sentences, and 
some residual visual disturbances.  the good thing... thus far...
 is... that she recognizes all of us, and appears to have full use of her arms
and legs. her focus is on her great grandson, who is due to arrive in the
 very same hospital in nine days.   

i feel very blessed as i write and sip the last drop of coffee before i
start this day!   


Sunday, November 25, 2012

our marathon man...

good great husband

good great father

good great son-in-law

today's the day!
The Seattle Marathon
Sunday, November 25th 2012