Thursday, November 8, 2012

rescue a French cookbook (and Lynne's spirit...)

nothing better to get one out of a lost spirit funk than a little DIY!

to all of my great blog girlies...giant hugs!

i mean it!  GIANT HUGS!!!!

i have put the world on the back burner this morning to 

share my my latest go to DIY therapy!

a cook book rescue!

as always, here on 34th street,
 there is a short story...

on an occasional Sunday afternoon, Mr D and I love to
 pop in to TJMaxx and HomeGoods.

this past summer, i had been keeping my eye on this 
pretty shopworn and wrinkled French cookbook.

no one bought it.

i was sort of hoping that a markdown would occur...but it didn't.
so...during another visit, (about two weeks later),  i took my own
 initiative and asked a sales associate for a price reduction
 due the the book's shabby condition.

 she sold it to me for  five dollars.  yay!

i was so (more) hoping that she would the back of my mind
i thought that the pretty images in the book would be useful
in the packaging of little holiday gifts and favors...

what do you think?

i have only just begun!

there will be more to share!

see ya soon, have a blessed day!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

i'll be honest...

i cried.

a lot.

...and those that know my heart, 

know that i could never vote with revenge.

i voted,


Sunday, November 4, 2012

things that make me tic ...


 you all know that it's my faith, family and friends that makes my heart tic!

that pretty much goes without saying...but on the other hand, it

is important to say it, too! 

i LOVE you faith, family and friends!

i just want to share 

the little vignette baguette that's a the corner 

of our dining room now! 

Grandma's chair

Maria's  lavender  pillow

my favorite little basket with Grandma Hazel's hand crocheted cover.

a Rachel Ashwell curtain panel i found Goodwill hunting

a laundered burlap table runner et Andrea.

perfect French bread with

"fall back" and coffee!

one extra hour of sleep! i can feel it!

happy Sunday!