Friday, October 19, 2012

Mums and Mom!

i wish to thank all of you for your encouraging words
after i shared the news of my mother's fall back in September.

when i saw this pretty image of Autumn mums by Heather, 
it inspired me to pin Friday a bouquet for you!

i must say that i have never appreciated the beauty,

the fragrance, and the sturdy nature of  a mum

more than i have this past few weeks.

Mom received so many beautiful flowers after her accident.

i have given by best  effort to keep her cut bouquet's fresh.
 after four plus weeks, i was amazed that the mums are still alive.

i have good news to share!


Dad has kept their home so nicely and has some little surprises for her
 homecoming. while she was mending, he discovered Home Goods.
( don't you love that my 83 year old Dad digs Home Goods?)
he bought Mom a small Florentine style tree drawer accent 
chest to go next to her chair. he filled the drawers with her favorite necessities.  

we so appreciate the support and care that she has received 
that the Avalon Care Center. 

it's the weekend!

it's time to celebrate!

one more little bump in the road has been conquered


~ the images can be found by visiting my "fleur" board here.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

when art gives you a hug, and...a box of eye candy.

yesterday, i never made  it to bread making.
my little Toyota took a boo boo from an uninsured driver.
nothing major. just a boo boo. Mr D. put a band aid on the owie
 so i can driver her to work today.

Chrislyn was able to attend the class and will share what she learned.
we spoke briefly after class.
she said it was pretty intense. each loaf that you make is your
own. it's like your signature. pretty cool.

i found this image here,
where my friend Joy has a pretty amazing display of vintage wares here.

 a box of eye candy!

i wish you safe travels and a wonderful day!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

French bread on Tuesday... no debate.

for those who know me, you will be very surprised
that i will not be positioning myself in front of the flat screen tonight.
this is huge, because i worry about America and our world, every day.

so as i wake to the day... here's my mantra...

after work, my dear Chrislyn and i will be traveling to Seattle 
to take an artisan bread making class at Cook's World.

Chrislyn found a great deal at Groupon.

the class will be given by George de Pasquale, head baker and
owner of the ESSENTIAL BAKING CO. 

the stress of tonight's element of this crazy election will be replaced by
a little flour, water, fire and
a very special night out sculpting bread with my daughter.

when it comes to the BIG PICTURE it's about
 fundamental food (life) and family.

{French bread and family sounds a little more chic! }


~ the images of bread are from my French bread Pinterest board here! ~

Sunday, October 14, 2012

showered with love...

today Chrislyn , Holland and i traveled to
the home of my niece Kelsey and her family, where she hosted a 
lovely baby shower for the newest member to be
of our growing family.

Kelsey attended culinary school. when she invites you to eat, you 
know that you are in for a treat!

the room was lit with pretty lace covered mason jars.

i have to apologize...i did not have my camera setting correct, so 
this is the only image of the beautiful buffet.  salute!

there was lot's of  family fun and catching up going on in Kelsey and Matt's newly remodeled home.

 the baby cousins had a grand time!

they played so well together! 

Brogan wore the UGGS that  great uncle Mr D and i gave her for her
first birthday...( she is almost two.) 

Ryan and Holland were into the unwrappings!
(and...YES! the Seahawks are beating  New England!)

we managed to pin the four little monkeys down for a picture with their mommies.

it was a day filled...


thank you, dear Kelsey!