Saturday, October 6, 2012

the first Fall images of French bread and family around 34th street ...

i have been a bit absent from blogging lately.
i still haven't gotten my groove back since my visit from Mr Virus McUgly.
...and sadly, he has been lingering with many of my family and friends.

we have had our share of blessings and sweetness this week despite
the congestion, runny noses and fevers.

i took this photograph last Sunday.
Chrislyn and Jason were ready to go on their anniversary date night.

they decided that they would attend a date night cooking class at Sur la Table.  
the menu included lobster bisque and braised lamb chops. 

baby Bennett is set to arrive in two months.
Chrislyn found her shabby chic tunic on a recent trip to Louisiana.
 she looked so cute!
when Jason greeted us in this black and white check shirt...i said,

"where is my camera? the two of you
are the first picture of  Fall 2012!"  


 speaking of their trip to Louisiana...
i asked them to bring me a Fleur d' lys.

they brought us this for our...
"for here or to go wine, cheese and bread basket".
the plate is footed. it fit into the basket perfectly.
 with it's matching cheese knife, our basket is now complete!

"thank you sweets,  i love you!"


while i'm blogging sweet... i must share some images from our time...

... watching and playing with  precious Holland Grace.  

our week was blessed...


{p.s.  i wish you good health and a happy weekend!}

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

my spa water dot com ...

i'm hooked on infused water. it has become such a simple and
elegant pleasure for me.

obviously, i'm not the only one since there is a web site here,
 with a book devoted to this newly found passion of mine!  

i keep a glass pitcher in the fridge.  yesterday, our  Mr. North Shore
Produce man was featuring his baskets of blackberries for a dollar.

i mixed them with ice cubes and some sparkling Pellegrino!

 they made such a pretty pitcher picture.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Autumn notes...hello, pumpkin!

i have missed your warm glow.

i love how you add spice to a skinny latte.

  you know how to dwell in white chocolate and caramel lofty chic!

 i almost forgot how pretty you compliment a plate of fresh greens.

welcome back. 
your color and light are cozy, and so beautiful to behold.

just popping up
to wish you
Happy October!


{all of the images are from Pinterest. i have had linking problems with their site lately
if any of the images are yours, do claim them so i may give you a shout out!}

Sunday, September 30, 2012

a falling leaf...a perfect memoir...a real pin.

.:: found here ::.



my Mom is doing great!  i have been popping in to the 
Avalon Care Center to treat her to mini facials and
pamperings.  yesterday, i surprised her with a manicure.
i  massaged her fingers with argan oil. 
her poor nails were fraggled from her fall.

Chrislyn and Holland  have delivered Starbucks, licorice, and lots of  baby
chatter that tickles Mom's heart. they also brought Grandpa his fave
chocolate dipped orange slices.
speaking of Grandpa...

...(my Dad)...

 he has been shopping for pretty over sized
sweaters and tops that will fit over Mom's  two "casted" arms. he
has shown great style with his selections! 

i miss you so,  when i take time off from blogging. 

 thank you once again for all of your kind words and daily inspiration!