Friday, August 31, 2012

French bread on Friday favorite pin.

 our chandie changes with the seasons.

i was searching for a more permanent design. a look for
in-between the seasons, when i stumbled upon a collection
of vintage French menus at this sweet Etsy shop.

(Nan and Dermot are the dearest.)

i also had some antique chandelier crystals 
to add to the equation.

my favorite menu is wine splashed from 1931.

...a pretty, engraved gold print from 1926.

some of the menus were handwritten.

 i mixed them with vintage
French letters, envelopes and pages of Bronte'
translated into French.

beneath the chandie sits a basket that is ready for
French bread on Friday.

inside, another basket that holds a collection of
old linen cocktail napkins and some vintage handkerchiefs
 that belonged to my grandmothers.

the Revelry Cabernet is dressed for here, at the farm table
 or to go outside by the fire.

my favorite pin for the week?

.:: here ::.

perfect for a Friday evening ritual for dessert by the fire.


Thursday, August 30, 2012

dedicated to the one who saved his life...thank you, Annie!

(this morning's post relates to an inquiry i made in yesterday's post.)

Annie found the translation of Robert Fagles dedication and more!... here.

this sentiment behind the dedication is sweet.  

Fagles, married and the father of two grown daughters, described The Odyssey as ``the most `married' poem I know.''
One of his favorite parts is in Book 23 when Odysseus and Penelope are reunited after 20 years of Odysseus' wanderings.
Fagles dedicated his translation of The Odyssey to his wife, Lynne, with the Greek inscription su gar m'ebiosao, koure, which means You saved my life, dear girl.
It comes from Book 8 and is spoken by Odysseus to Nausicaa, who had saved the shipwrecked hero by bringing him home to her father, generous King Alcinous.
Fagles said he dedicated the book to his wife because ``we've been married for more than 40 years. She's the love of my life.''

i love that they have been married over 40 years and he refers to her as his dear girl.

i visit Annie at her most LOVELY THINGS blog...

i have the most brilliant and creative blog friends.
you always pop in to encourage and inspire! 
it's like having a world of sisters on call. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

back to the farm table...just a couple little random things...

i started jury duty on Monday...
i was immediately chosen for a case. 
the case wrapped up yesterday.
the verdict: not guilty. 
emotion, tears, relief. that old beyond a reasonable doubt applied.
the state did not have the evidence to prove it's case.
hopefully the young woman learned a lesson.
do not drink and drive. no one was injured in this matter.
thank God.
it was a very costly mistake for her.

after court each day, i head to work.  so far, i am able to
keep ahead of the game at work, but a bit behind on
some of my projects around the house.

the chandie is transitioning from Summer to Fall.
 i have been collecting vintage
 French menus and hanging antique chandelier crystals. i will be
doing a post dedicated to our chandie soon.

 i am waiting  for once more package to arrive so i can tuck in an additional
little surprise for the winners of the Good Clean Dog give a way. i will email
each of you when the packages are posted, and on their way.

as i mentioned in an earlier post...i have joined Edie's book club
i opened my copy of the Odyssey and found a coincidental surprise!
this edition is translated by Robert Fagles. it's dedicated to 
Lynne (with an E). i tried to translate su gar m'ebiosao, koure.
(no luck at Google translate) if anyone out there can translate this
little sentiment, i welcome you to do so. 
until i receive the proper translation, i am going to go with my own...

 ...sugar,  for your heart, mind and soul.


Monday, August 27, 2012

a healthy reminder {week eight } ... it's August's (lingerie) pink post !

how sheer and absolutely dreamy is  my August 
pink post...

this vintage OmGoodness was available here...last i looked.

i have grown to love the pink post.

.:: YSL::.
 i look forward to my pretty approach to beating the odds and winning! 

 we will win!

in the mean time, find a pink petticoat, pop on some

pink lipstick and twirl.


collecting lot's of  pink ribbon here.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

the day mankind lassoed the moon... and that one small step...

the images are from my last post of 2011. 
i found the photographs  here.
 i thought  of George Bailey, and how he said that he would 
lasso the moon for Mary.

"I'll give you the moon,  Mary."
                 ~ George Bailey

~ i found it! here~

in the Summer of 1969, i was on a student tour of  Europe.

on July 21st, we were in Rotterdam, residing and attending
classes on a ship that was converted into a school on the harbor.
we set the alarm for 4 am to watch the historical moment.

the telecast was in black and white, in Dutch, with English subtitles.
we translated, what was the Italian and Spanish 
bus drivers who were taking us through Europe.

an amazing thing occurred...

we all understood Neil Armstrong's first words!  

i don't have to repeat them...everyone knows what he said.
we all embraced, and cried. 
it was for joy, pride, and... a bit of homesickness.

all of the was world huddled together in front of a television. 
it was a very special moment in time.

that evening the Dutch embraced us. there was complimentary
food and drink when we visited some of the establishments.
we were graced by the achievement of our country. 
we were very proud to be American.

all of mankind was holding pride.

yesterday,  we lost one of the finest men of his generation.

Neil Armstrong lassoed the moon for all of mankind.