Saturday, August 25, 2012

the Saturday evening post...back to school.

if you missed yesterday's post...

i a l l l l...most took a bite before sharing this with you!

just a sneak ~ peek at my plate.

Trout a la Meuniere, Rice Pilaf, green beans with onion and bacon.*

* the original menu was to be Fennel with Comte cheese. when Chef
Marty went to market, the price of Fennel was over the top, and
not particularly beautiful.  the green beans were perfect. 
...and to be honest, this is how i cook green beans for our family. so i felt very cool. 

i have more to share next week!

 yes! there was dessert!

my cooking school colors are tried and true!

happy appetite!


Friday, August 24, 2012

a little French bread and... Friday's favorite pin!

today, i am pretty much...over the top excited!
after work, Chrislyn and i are headed to a four hour
Exploring French Classic Cuisine cooking class.
the experience is my Mother's Day gift from Mr D. and our
Mother's Day gift to Chrislyn. 

.:: Auberge Edge of Seattle ::.

it's due time that i embrace my French heritage, in the kitchen.
i have many of you to thank for bringing me to the table... so to speak.   

our daughter Chrislyn is an amazing cook. she is always exploring ways to bring
a creative, healthy meal to her family's table. 
this Summer, we have enjoyed trips to the Saturday farmers markets
and much conversation about the seasonal
 farm fresh to table philosophy of cooking.
yesterday, she was up to her elbows in fresh peaches. she made

two kinds of jam and a healthy take on a peach crisp.

.:: Chrislyn's blog and the recipe ::.

she just finished this book...

.:: Karen's blog  ::.

i hope that Auberge will allow me to capture a few photographs at our
class this evening.  if so, i will share the experience in a post next week.

now for Friday's favorite pin.

.:: via ::.

a movable potager!

i so wish it was mine!  maybe next year!

let's see... google... wine crates!

here's to harvesting a wonderful weekend!


bon appetite! 
( i love ya Julia C. and Andrea! )

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. D's day off ... we woke up and "called an audible".

a couple weeks ago we took our annual "first Friday
of August day off ". we usually go to Seattle to watch the Blue Angels fly.

Mr D and I woke up to a perfect Pacific Northwest Summer day.

we looked at each other and said. "do we really want to
go to Seattle?"

"let's drive to Hurricane Ridge."

 we changed the play, packed a lunch, and headed for 
the Olympic Peninsula.

the first stop was the cutest little historic town called Port Gamble.
the old mill town, with a population of a little over 900 people,
has the atmosphere of a New England seaside town. every structure is
listed on the National Historic Register.

i plan to take my mom to the tea room, the yarn shop, and the
quilt shop for her 83rd birthday.

the tea room becomes a Bistro with live music at night.

a gift shop with antiques?
 i'm in!

"Wish" was my favorite gift shop.

Mr D found this big bottle (about 13"x 9") with a lid, filled with sea shells and sheet music.
he said..."this is kind of cool".  i agreed, and checked the price.
needless to say. we purchased it, and tucked it in the basket in the back
of the car!   i found the perfect place for it atop our cupboard in the living room.
i plan to change it's contents with the seasons.

we didn't enter the yarn shop.

taking in the exterior charm was enough, as i plan to take mom here.

the yards are framed with white picket fences.

next stop, the General Store and Museum.

more quaint cuteness!

the main floor is a very charming mercantile. there is a prominent center
staircase that leads you to the museum's displays that line the exterior walls
above the store.

a quick shot of the town's theater, and back into the car.
the next stop, Sequim and lavender country.

the annual Lavender Festival was about two weeks prior to our visit.

as you can see. the harvest was still in process.

the shops at the lavender fields are amazing.

i don't need many words here.

the pictures are enough.

you know that i was in my comfort zone.

we purchased four deep lavender plants. two for culinary use (Royal Velvet), and
two for bouquets and sachets (True Grosso).

now, up to Hurricane Ridge for our picnic lunch.

this is where i stand and wait for Julie Andrews to pop over the hill, and up into
the meadow singing..."the hills are alive...".

the Olympic Mountain range on a perfect Northwest summer day.

the wild flowers were in full bloom.

hello deer.

very healthy looking fauna roam here.

this is on the opposite side of the ridge...

... where the sea meets the sky.

you can see Vancouver Island, British Columbia beyond the Straits of Juan de Fuca.

... time to head back home.

we stopped in Poulsbo and purchased a dozen of  Sluy's famous macaroons.

we used to moor our boat in this town on Summer weekends, many
years ago. our kids loved to visit the bakery. i would buy Lefse,
warm it in a frying pan , and  serve it with butter and sugar on Sunday morning.

the place hasn't changed for over thirty years.

on the way out of town, i took a quick shot of this cute little board and batten
coffee shop. it was about 5:00 pm and still so bright outside.

perhaps we should have a first Friday tradition more than once a year.

do you have a Summer tradition?


p.s.  i have to apologize if i have not left comments for
awhile. (i do pop in and visit so i know how you are doing.)

i have been spending extra hours at work, as
we have been a bit busy and short handed. i also have
been selected for jury duty starting Monday! eeek!

Monday, August 20, 2012

a healthy reminder {week seven}..."read well, live well"!

it's due time that i join a book club!

and... thanks to Edie at life{in}grace i have found the
perfect choice for my first club.

Edie's  club will be taking a " chronological approach" to literature.

for the month of September, she has selected

The Odyssey.

"as a way of following the development of western civilization 
and how one writer’s work builds on the writers before them"

if you would like to know more about her book club, visit her here.