Friday, August 10, 2012

a French toast to Friday and the weekend special!

i'm pinning with Laura today...

this weekend's, special!

i will be making "ours" on Sunday, with fresh blackberries and
brioche from our Saturday farmer's market.

Happy Friday! 


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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gousse's back yard "dog wash" and a Good Clean Dog give a way!

(no...we are not giving Gousse away.)

when the weather is hot here in the PacNWest, it's

time for the back yard dog wash! yes, i am romancing the sprinkler.

our Chocolate Gousse loves to play in the sprinkler.
sometimes we take the opportunity to give her a true shower.
her favorite bath / shower product is called.
Good Clean Dog!

visit Good Clean Dog here.

Gousse...(pronounced Goose), has an herbal shampoo and a spritzer 
set aside to send to one lucky winning pet pooch, (or pooches).
i know some of you have more than one. 
all you have to do is be a friend of 34th street and leave the name of
your furry recipient (or recipients) in your comment!
that's it! 
(for those of you that have already won a gift from 34th street...this time
it's your pet that's no holding back!)

i will tuck in an additional little sweet surprise (with a French touch) for you as well!
the winner will be revealed at next week's Wednesday's wrap!

{who's pup's name will be on the package?}


Monday, August 6, 2012

a healthy reminder {week five} ... au marche'... shop the local farmers' markets...

 market day!

the best freshest of the season!

The Pike Place Market

i was born and raised in a city that boasts one of the best farmers' markets in the
country. it's an amazing shopping experience, however, during the tourist season,
the place is packed, not to mention, i now live about 25 miles away!

Puyallup Farmers' Market

our local communities host farmer's markets once or twice a week,
usually on Saturday. the best one, is nearby, in a town called Puyallup!
this year they are celebrating their 30th year.

Chrislyn, Holland, Mr D and i visited the market Saturday morning.

(a little pre-shopping play at the swing with Grandpa.)

Chrislyn loves cooking fresh for her family!
 (a new baby boy is due the first part of December.)
we're so excited!

nothing better than fresh herbs! they smell marvelous, and make pretty kitchen bouquets!

i need to call Chrislyn to get her recipe for roasted beets...

me..."honey, look at all of the beautiful egg plant!"

a little voice softly says... "egg plant"...

me...did she say egg plant?"

Mr D..."she said egg plant !"

do you think she would say it again? NOT

Holland will eat almost every vegetable. she is not fond of potatoes.

maybe that's a good thing!

she LOVES berries! any kind! right now blueberries and blackberries
are in season! YUM!

we need to eat healthier so we
can watch our grands grow up!
(Holland and Baby Boy One are additional healthy reminders!)