Saturday, June 2, 2012

simply over the top, it's the weekend!

i have a "weekend special" board on Pinterest.
it's where i pin a bit of special decadence.

i love this recipe for creme brulee' French toast with Grand Marnier. we make ours with  a loaf of
special fresh brioche, found only at the Metropolitan Market and Bakery Nouveau.

 YUM!... the... ingredients you can find at any grocery store
donut hole fruit kebabs. pretty cute, huh?

a toast to a grand weekend!
(hopefully we can take it all outside by the fire)

if you would like, you may visit "weekend special" here!


Thursday, May 31, 2012

i needed a focal point ...

... and here it is

 Mr D and i spent the Saturday and Sunday of the Memorial Day 
weekend looking at couches sofas. we ended up entirely frustrated.  
so...back to the drawing board Pinterest and blog posts i went. 
how may times has this room popped up in my virtual world?  
every time it appeared, i loved it! 
now... this room holds a much GRANDER scale than our living room here 
on 34th street,  our room is very similar...just a smaller bone structure
we have a floor to ceiling stone fireplace with windows and a slider
 (dreaming to be transitioned into French doors some day)
 on the very same wall.  this room is a perfect palate for seasonal transitions.  
this room says,"here lives Mr and Mrs D"...and

The Chocolate Mousse Gousse, of course.
 her days on the couch are numbered.

(how many Chocolate Labs do you know that sleep on matelasse' 
with a French pillow? you can tell that we are empty nester's.)

and... believe it or not, the two of us agreed on the style of couch in the photograph,
without the photograph. we just have to get to the same page on the fabric.

i'm headed to the printer... to print this image  for the story board i am putting
 together for the next outing.  at least we'll begin on the same page this time.

just a ramble today! thanks ever so much for listening to me!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

look what she's doing now!

a couple of weeks ago, i shared 

the cutest gift from Linda, at Flowers On My Table. the phone case is hand made 
by Wendz at 15 Coast Road.  i received some emails asking me if Wendz markets her
accessories on Etsy, or if one could buy them on line. i believe that one can only purchase
her pretty accessories at fleas and boutiques across the pond. 

this morning, there was a post from 15 Coast on my blog roll. 

Wendz collects vintage embroidered linens.  some of the linens are stained and not suitable for
the table or bed, so she takes the best of the vintage treasure, and transforms it into

another treasure.  i adore how she finishes her pieces with ribbon tags and words.
one could see a piece as such at Anthro. 

i had to place photo corners on the next piece because it's dream (inspiration) 
board worthy!  i have a collection of not so perfect embroidered linens calling out
for a transformation. perhaps this inspiration is the kick start that i need to get going!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

just some "happy" little words with tea today!

i woke up so extra happy today!
first of all, it's going to be a Sunny day!
 Beeee- you- tee-full!
i just let The Chocolate Gousse outside to scout her back yard.
{Summertime is just around the corner!}
I can wear pearl grey linen and white to work today!
Fleur Impressionist lipstick...Lancome... it's my lipstick with linen fave!
Mr D and i have a little road trip on the horizon.
we are going to visit our son Jay in Boise, and make are way
home through Washington's wine country!
we're going to stay one night here.
Holland Grace turns one in June!
{our precious pearl girl} Chrislyn is planning a berry sweet 
 first birthday party for her.  Jay will be home for the first week and 1/2 
in July! we're going to host an open house so friends and family
can pop in and catch up with life and times.  i am so grateful for my family and friends.
i love having  tea with you and talking 
about happy things!
now it's your turn to talk while i sip!

Monday, May 28, 2012

is there a such thing as a Memorial Day Sale(s) hangover? today, it's about our freedom savers...

let's start with the disclaimers.
this image is not "of "me nor was it created by me.
i found the image on Pinterest this morning.
i tried to find the source and got a big "this could be linked to spam" message 
with an exclamation point that said: Go back to Pinterest!!!!
(if this is your image, i wish to thank you for letting me use it today.
i would be honored if you would leave a comment.)
i will confess...i am tired of shopping for living room furniture. 
i am tired of furniture sales associates.
we have yet to pick up our easel, because there was a little 
integrity snafu with that purchasing experience as well. (kinda took the joy out of it.)
enough wining... i am lucky that we are able to entertain the idea of purchasing
new living room furniture. enough said.
(just to let you know...PicMonkey now has collage.!)

~on the chandie is my  own little (red, white and  lavender blue) tribute to the sacred grounds of
America and Normandy~

today, i will set the farm table in honor of those who have given their lives,
saving freedom.