Friday, May 18, 2012

for my dream board...and my dream boat!

 way before Pinterest...
we were all pinning to our own little big dream boards.
i still keep a few inspiration boards around the house.
there's one in the kitchen, one on my side of the bed, and one in my craft room.
today, i am pinning an image that i found here.
i LOVE to visit her!
Sharon, i cannot even begin to tell you how much your blog inspires me!
oh!... how i wish to take the doors off of my 
UGLY kitchen cabinets!

oh!... how i want the lower cabinets to wear skirts! 

you don't see a lot of this look in America. everything is 
quite beautifully finished wood and granite right now! 

i adore the non contrived look of this kitchen!
functional living, by design. 
 i am not certain that Mr D would be smitten with
the idea of taking all of the doors off of the kitchen cabinets.
he has,  however, embraced the my quest of a French industrial look.
we recently ordered this.
we finally came to terms on how to display our black
flat screen. it is presently sitting atop my great grandmother's
vintage New Home sewing machine.  i'll share a photo of the
easel when it is delivered and set up in our home.

{today Mr D and are married 39 years!
i placed our {now vintage}wedding invitation on the chandie.
we are blessed.!}

this weekend we'll be having a
"down home celebration" for Mr D's 60th!

FUN! plain and simple!
yep! that's the theme!

happy weekend to all!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

back to Camp...the Hudson Valley is on the chandie!

i have been "popping in" to visit Meagan Camp's blog  for almost a  year. i found her photography
featured in issue five of  RUE Magazine.
 when she photographed her shop  t e l e s c a, my eyes zeroed in on the
vintage fruit baskets. there happened to be a few available in her Etsy shoppe.

i wasn't quite certain what i was going to do with the little Hudson Valley treasures.
i just knew that i wanted some.

last Friday the baskets arrived,

along with a bit of history

 from their original home.


pieces of a past,

on the chandie, just in time for Mother's Day.
just add vintage fruit baskets, peat pots with 
white hydrangea, bay leaf and water daily,

~ the winner of the glassy baby give a way
Necole at the well fed soul!~

~ visit Meagan Camp's blog here ~
~an article about Megan's find at Strawberry Hill Nursery here~
~ the image of orange poppies was taken by Janis, at Pinecone Camp, you can view her brilliance here ~

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunday's sweet tweet !

BREAKING: This just in… Best mom in the world goes to…! Considering she's led me through life, she's worth a follow on twitter!

  he phoned home to wish me a happy mother's day...he had arranged for the
delivery  of a  farmer's market bouquet!

   Jinx! Boom. Smoak hits a two-run shot!     

Jay Tust


Sports Reporter @  (NBC) in . WSU Alum! Cover and all other sports in the Treasure Valley! *Ordinary people can do extraordinary things.*

What a long day... And I missed my Ma. She usually understand better than I do, and that's why I love her! Happy Mother's Day!

A perfect bouquet from the best son on the planet. Biscuits & Gravy in June!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

from the heart of my home...aka Grand Central Station...

every mom has her 

Grand Central Station 
 it's the place where we point to the stars!
~ for this one little moment...clutter free!