Friday, May 11, 2012

French bread on Friday...her gift and my heart...

yesterday started out beautiful!
i woke up to a perfect Pacific Northwest day of 
sunshine. i sipped my coffee on the front porch admiring  our "first blooms".

while i was blogging about it, i started feeling not so well.
to make a long story short...i did not go into work until 
about 3pm.  i had to go in. there were a few tasks that needed to
be completed to avoid complete frustration for my co-workers
and my employer(s).

after work, i met Mr D at Costco to pick up a roasted chicken and
some fresh veggies for the weekend. it was 8:12pm 
when we returned home. 

i always go to our farm table and hang my handbag on
one of the chairs. Mr D hadn't said a word...
a parcel had arrived!
the stamp said:
which was immediately interpreted as a
only better, than a royal hug because the
parcel was from Linda!

this is a watercolor!
~drawn and painted by hand, for ME!~
to make it even sweeter, the ribbon, the pink paper lace and the label
were from the gift wrap and the scrap that i had tucked

into the pages of a Somerset book that she won on my blog in February.

opening the parcel...all French bread, with butter and sugar for me!

a sachet "faconnable"!

each tiny PAPER button is hand stitched onto the dress... AMAZING!
by now...i am feeling tears well up.

it's all so, sweet...more French sugar!

linen, ticking, Eiffel...the very theme that my daughter chose for my 60th birthday party!

the long day had a prefect ending!
  hugs from a far a way friend were waiting for me...
sur la table!

Merci! J'adore Linda!

you can visit Linda at FLOWERS ON MY TABLE here.
the cell phone cover was made by Wendy at 15 COAST ROAD.

i wish you 

French bread and butter, sprinkled French sugar

on this


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Starbucks and my point and shoot...'s bloomsday on 34th street!
it's my little way of making the first sunny day that the
lilacs and dogwood are in full bloom... special!


i had my cup of cafe Verona in one hand and my little Nikon CoolpiX
(point and shoot) in the other.

 it was the perfect way to say GOOD MORNING  to the new color
in our front yard.

Chrislyn and Jay gave us our pink dogwood tree on our 25th wedding anniversary. 
 (Mr D and I were married midst bountiful and beautiful dogwood
 blooms on the May 18,1973.) 

the blooms are waking to the sun's first light!

and so am i!
wishing you a beautiful day from my front porch to yours!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

our potager and " the well fed soul"...

on Mother's Day weekend, it's a
tradition to plant the garden potager.

Mr D tilled last Sunday.
  i know it looks very bare.
i prefer to think of it as a blank canvas.

weather pending...

...we should be right on schedule.

~ * ~ 

i will be preparing a simple brunch on Sunday.

my menu planning has been inspired by  Necole at "the well fed soul".
i just happened upon her blog, yesterday.
she has compiled recipes from many known and loved.
her collection and cooking tutorials are a gift.
"well fed" is a fun read as Necole shares her PacNWest family lifestyle
and her lovely cooking style.

this is one of her photographs.
if you have grown up in the Pacific Northwest, you  have experienced many breezy ferry boat rides.
the Olympic Mountains are in the distance.

 she is friendly and organized. 
Necole's blog  feeds my vision of  French bread and family, 
that's why it was love at first landing!

oh... don't forget!

{tomorrow, i will share what's bloomin' here on 34th.}


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

it's time to give a way another...


this month i'm lovin'
frog hunting,

pearl, and...
... thistledown.

the rules are very simple.

:: be a follower of 34th street

:: select your favorite glassybaby 


:: return, and leave a comment stating your choice.

i will use random org to determine the
winner on Monday, May 14th!


Monday, May 7, 2012

linen, zinc, chalk, and rust alert!

this store needs to come to
i loved everything so much,
that i gave it a little place on my sidebar.
to me, it's all French bread!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

~ gratitude ~

my little blog has received a very sweet honor!
it's blog of the month
"Savvy City Farmer"
for the month of May!

~ i visit Joy here ~

you can see my banner peeking out from the top left hand side
of Joy's coffee cup!

i was introduced to Joy by her daughter Angela


the two of them are a dynamic duo of inspiration. both have touched my life
through their abundant creativity, energy, commonsense approach to living,
and truly gracious hearts!

thank you for the honor, Joy!