Saturday, March 31, 2012


good morning, weekend!
we haven't looked at our lotto tickets yet.
Mr D says, "i'm not looking until Sunday night!"
hmmmm... i'll roll with his theory.

with all of this crazy lotto fever going on the media has been 
interviewing various lotto winners from the past.
one of the winners interviewed was a sweet middle aged gal that said,
"when i bought my ticket, i just visualized what i would be
wearing when i received my winnings!"

i have decided to visualize winning...


i have cleared a place in my dining room.  it's dusted and
ready to be updated for Spring 2012! i'll be wearing my fave
old blue jeans and natural cotton over sized sweater
when i am decorating with this wonderful assortment of eye
candy! do i sound too confident? the odd's of being a winner
 are so much better here. 

Gina thanks for a chance to win your
pretty Spring 2012 give a way! i have my clothes laid out
for the announcement on April 9th!

Bonne Chance to all!


Friday, March 30, 2012


when there aren't any Saturday evening parties or plans,
Mr D and i usually hit the Red Box at the grocery store or
pick a flick from our small collection of faves.

it's a "Saturday Night at the Movies" on 34th street.

(just for the record this movie is not a favorite of Mr D.)

if you are around my age, you will remember the
"reel"  Saturday night series on NBC in the early 60's.
back in the 60's we stayed up LATE, popped popcorn  in a pan on 
the stove, or begged our parents to buy  "Jiffy pop".


now that we are (empty nest ) adults,
we usually have a glass of wine and an appetizer.

our favorite is artichokes with butter. i wrote about it a year ago here.

~ * ~

 i recently stumbled upon a little collection of Red Wing Pottery called Montmartre.

to be honest...i was not smitten with the larger pieces

the pieces that grabbed my attention were the teacups and
saucers, the bread plates and small bowls.

that's my 2011 under Christmas tree wine...the first French vintage that Mr D and i sipped together.
he was over 30 years ago. i pulled it from the top shelf of our cooler for the photo!

in keeping with a practical use for this purchase, i chose only to select  four bread
plates and one of the small bowls for an occasional evening of bread dipping.

the plates hold a sweet and simple image of a Paris sidewalk cafe'.

the little bowl shows a window.

a perfect find for our farm table for four, or for two on a
Saturday Night at the Movies!

have a wonderful weekend!


{ the way, our practice manager, aka my boss,
gave me a lotto ticket with my pay stub yesterday.
has "mega millions" lotto fever hit your neck of the woods?

i am hoping it's GOLDEN and we get to visit the CHOCOLATE factory!}


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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


this morning, i (w)ramble and wrap.

i am always looking for way's to make plain brown paper...pretty!
~ via~

i clicked myself into another new Google feature...
...another week of learn as you go.
you can't teach an old dog new tricks.
one defies that old saying around here!

what a perfectly pretty idea for plain brown paper!
~tutorial for ruffly belt here~
(by the way, embellished grosgrain belts are very "HOT" right now!)

i'm once again, in a foreign place.  
i am always nervous when exploring a new Google culture.

today, i just gave my plain brown paper a simple touch of gold.
~ for Donna ~

do i dare click myself into another new feature? sure!
how many of you are publishing in the new Google format?
what do you think about it?


it's time to stop (w)rambling and announce the winner of my
little French bread give a way...

i know that you (ms.winner) have recently given up eating bread and sugar.
 a little gift of "guilt free" French bread and sugar is headed for your doorstep,
 you my sweet friend!

~ for J_ _ _ ~

this dispels the rumor that the number one is
never generated on!

the winner is...

Jane at Blondie's Journals!

Jane, please send me your address by email!
i will add some little goodies this weekend and mail it the first part of next week!


thanks for listening to me!

happy Wednesday !


Tuesday, March 27, 2012


i first fell for her mother's French Blue.

Janet so graciously permitted me to use her image of  a
hummingbird nesting in the chandelier outside her window
for Holland's baby shower invitation.

~ * ~

while following Janet, i was introduced to her daughter Noel.
Noel is sculptor. her medium  is precious paper.

she designed her wedding invitation, which ultimately
lead to another very special invitation that you can read about ...!

today is a day that i am celebrating the gifts of beauty from two very
gracious hearts. the very definition of why i am blessed to be
a resident of our blog world!

i wish you countless blessings of success, sweet Noel!


Monday, March 26, 2012



time to pay the piper!

~ via ~
time to feather the nest!

this week i'll be drinking it straight!

~don't forget my sweet little French bread gift here!~