Friday, March 16, 2012

a weekful!

~ weekful ~

now, that's not a real word, but in my crazy
vernacular, it goes with

~ soulful ~ 

~ joyful ~

~ mindful ~

~ heartful ~

you get where i am going with this...
life is good to me right now!
it's busy and full!
my to do list is still very listful!  but who's isn't! i am catching up...
one check, check at a time! i hope that you don't think that i am complaining.
i'm just talking...writing... maybe even rambling...
keeping the motivation...
the MO!
while in catching up mode, i sliced off a big chunk of blog loving time.
 { i did sneak a few precious minutes for some express inspiration visiting.}

that Susie Harris!
how darn cute is she?

her post just grabbed me at the right time!  this little saying 
should be written on the bathroom mirror to set each day!

~ Susie ... she's soulful! ~

then there was Joy's post!
the thing about Joy is that she's a tad bit younger than i.
she just finished a big weekend event only to come home
and create a SUMMER KITCHEN on her back porch!

i love this idea!
she kicks my bottom every time!

~ Joy (of course) ... she's joyful! ~

Thursday it was Melaine!
she made a cookbook! 
she can you!
her mind is always moving!

~ Melaine ... she's mindful! ~

no offense intended, i SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST...are you
singing with Vanessa Williams. right now?
 i am!
 last Summer, i met Jessica and her dear family in blogland.

the blessing is that they live close enough that we will
meet in the real world soon! Maci's image is on our fridge here
on 34th street! she has been in a big battle since last July.
she had her first day of school on Monday!
the big K! Kindergarten! 
for Maci, i broke the letter~match rule...

so there it is...the "weekful"!
it does not get better than this, my friends!
this weekend, my son will be home. i haven't seen him since Christmas!
i'm spending night with Chrislyn and Holland while Jason is out of town.
it's our first SLEEPOVER!  we're going to hug & craft & sew & play!
i'll be running to and from 34th street all weekend long! it's good! i'll love it!

may God Bless all of your hearts!

happy weekend!

[with"a pocketful of "Love]

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

what time is it?

recently i let "time-life management" get the best of me".
February was a busy month...lovely gatherings...almost every weekend.
i must admit, that blogging has consumed some of the time that is designated
 for my before leaving for work productivity.  i SO enjoy blogging!
 i love the inspiration, the beauty, the creativity, the passion for living, the humor
and the friendship that blogging has brought to my life.

it's fun!'s a bit addictive!

 now...where i fell behind ...

time took it's toll my with written correspondence.

 why did i let this happen? why?
(i always want everything to be perfect...ooops!)
i love to write and assemble lovelies to take to the post office.
i love sending hugs to those i care about.

yesterday, i made a big mug of tea, and set the farm table for a day of
writing precious notes, and preparing a few parcels for some

sweet blog friends. for those of you that are anticipating a package from 34th street,
 i assure you, that i have added some special little touches to make it worth the wait!

here's just a little peek at putting it all together while i was getting my act together!
  i will show you how i wrapped it on Wednesday's wrap...just before i take it to the post office.

when once again...

...time is on my side!
  "yes it is!"
sing it Jagger! ~

happy Monday!