Saturday, February 18, 2012

the memory keeper gives us a Summer bouquet !

this year, i am making it my full intention to simplify

~ via ~
and organize our life here on 34th street. this past week

i have been editing and categorizing my photographs from 2011. 

it's so nice that today's technology allows the photos

 to be stored in folders on my laptop. 

the next photo editing and organizing project

will not be virtual. my hope chest is filled with a lifetime

~ via ~
 (or two) of slides and snapshots! it will be a rainy day,

many pots of tea project on a Saturday when Mr D works overtime.  

while editing, i was reminded that...

...last Summer's Lilies were the prettiest ever.

(before  April, i need to find a new place to Picnik.)

i can't wait for Lilies to come visit us once again in 2012!

in the's a virtually huge bouquet for me and you!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

J'adore 60!

what was life like in 1952?

pretty ribbons! i knew how to "party" early on!
honestly, i don't remember.

it appears that polka dots were a trend the month i was born.

the big news was Elizabeth.

the "it" girl was Audrey!

fast forward... it's 2012!

"everything old is NEW again!"

~ retro chic here ~

she abandoned her conservative style and  wore yellow to her grandson's wedding.
it was the talk of the world!

Elizabeth is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee, and...

...i'm "totally" infatuated with the newest "it" girl!

J'adore 60!

 to this day...i still love ribbons and a party! 

i'll be back on Monday to share! 


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

speaking from the heart...

way before emails and texting...

we passed exchanged

little folded notes


our crushes and our loves.

i made my Valentine some simple little LOVE notes.

i found a favorite LOVE poem...
~ here~

happy Valentines day!

~ thank you, Gigi and Pinterest

Monday, February 13, 2012

welcome home!

two posts today!  it's a first for me. 

Holland's Auntie Kyla!
{she's one beautiful and brilliant Blackhawk pilot!}
now home, safe and sound. 

we are blessed once again!


i hope you don't mind if i change the rules for February...

you may (or may not) have noticed...

i didn't launch the

glassybaby give a way on February 1st!

i hope that you don't mind if i change the rules for February!

we (you and i ) have a sweet  friend that lost a very dear family member

to cancer recently. her loved one was taken from our world way too soon.

most of you know that Lee Rhodes, the creator of glassybaby,

is a three time cancer survivor!  10%  of a  glassybaby sale goes to

cancer research and a few other  wonderful and helpful organizations.

 last month's winner's choice supported Paws of Chicago!

i am going to call Kim in the shipping department and have her send...

~ remembrance ~

along with a bunch of hugs from all of us!


Sunday, February 12, 2012

an invitation...

about three weeks ago this pretty little invite appeared in our mailbox!

 soon there will be a soiree' !

le samedi!

on the way to samedi there is so much to share!
~ mostly LOVE! ~
tomorrow, it's about remembrance and hugging back! i'll see ya in the morning!