Saturday, January 7, 2012

yipes! stripes!

this trend is set to push it's way through Fall 2012!

 wrapped around romance.

 more wrapping...
looks good...not necessarily practical...but, that's FASHION!

i always have to post the "what i would be wearing
if I was 35 once again photo!"
some of you ARE 35!

Melissa paints!

cocoa ~ cozy!
(no longer available at Etsy ( a lost link), but very cute! )

Massuco Warner Miller
Los Angeles  ~ San Francisco ~  Seattle

striped shelter!

Emily's West Side Elm Story!

it' a big clean and tweak weekend for me! i'll be back on Monday with
something pretty and yummy to talk about!
have a good weekend!

that smile! those eyelashes!
silly me!  
hmmm...i may need to find a Zebra for Holland Grace!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

what's new?

 Tom's introduces ballerina flats for Spring 2012 !

there is a pattern for everyone's passion!
i have my eye on the linen!  (no surprise! LOL)
 check them out here!

The Great Gatsby! to be released Christmas Day 2012.
there is already a lot of buzz about it!

Ralph Lauren designed the fashions for the film.

his Spring 2012 collection is roaring 20's chic.
 headbands, scarves, cloche hats, and flowing fabrics are on the horizon.
here's a peek at Lauren Spring 2012.

soft florals,


and the return of the chemise!

i popped in to Chanel Spring 2012. there is a bit of the 20's
influence there as well. i love how the look is updated with the funky flip flops!
for those of us that don't want to jump in with both feet,  we can update last year's
Spring sundress or slimmer cut jeans some simple accessories...a perfect cardigan,
 a pretty pastel floral scarf  softly wrapped around the neck and layered pearl bracelets!
(i will be mixing it with my linen... i just can't let go of it...
however there will be more white and a pinch of pastel!)

now, a bit of  blog buzz ...  Angela's new venture!

her home has been featured in several publications such as Fifi O'Neill's
Romantic Prairie Style, Artful Blogging and Where Women Cook.
it's Angela's time to translate her French connection through her new
e-magazine. it's set to launch April 1st.  she has a give a way going to
coincide with her announcement on New Year's Day.
you can check it out here!

~ here ~

i have set four goals for 2012.

1. simplify and organize life on 34th street.

2. refine and refresh my creative potential through personal growth.

3. live a healthier lifestyle.

4. open an Etsy shoppe.

now that i have made them public...there's a bit more pressure to achieve!

i have enrolled in Jeanne's online journey. it begins on Monday!

it's time to get a few chores done before i go to work!
i won't be posting for a couple days because i need to catch up around here...

baby steps...
~ here ~ i get to visit with you!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

a simple journal, on the calendar, and some pretty inspiration.

there are some very creative ideas and

down loads popping up in blog land right now.

here's a cute idea for a journal.

(i could use that amazing berry / market basket

it's from design sponge! tutorial here!

i am thinking of the concept for a handy little recipe box!

Heather has collected a bunch of download fun!
~ here ~

Emily has a monthly subscription that offers a stylish way to plan and organize.

looking for some pretty inspiration?

Jennifer Holmes offers a free printable each month.

she posted it this morning!
~ here ~

it's Mama Biscotti day at work!  i have some toasting to get to!

have a great day!


Monday, January 2, 2012

a miracle on day one!

during the past couple of weeks, my favorite aunt became very ill. 
last Thursday she suffered another set back and was placed on life support. 
when you hear such news, the first thing that runs through your mind is...
...prepare for a goodbye. 

i kept saying to myself...she's a fighter, she has spunk, she's not ready...

i could visualize the last time that i saw her. it was in September. my Mom and
Dad and I drove to Salem to take her out to dinner.  she was standing in her 
front yard in a pretty flowered sundress and bare feet waving to greet us!

i remember how excited she was when Chrislyn was born on her birthday!
{so was I!}

when i was sick, a couple years ago, she sent me a funny card telling me that i 
was tougher than the disease i was battling. 
 (no, God, she's not ready to leave quite yet.)

yesterday,  Mom called and told me some amazing news. 
"she's off  life support and she is speaking! her right side is weak, but not paralyzed!"


when we hung up, a simple thought crossed my mind.
life support is so much more than a machine.
life support happens throughout your day.  it's all around us! 

i am going to embrace this day!

i am going to embrace this year!

~ i have several friends and family members with loved ones that are facing medical 
challenges. i have been praying and keeping them in my everyday thoughts.~

today, i am lifted by yesterday's miracle!

via pinterest

Mr D. and i have the day off. in a minute we' ll be taking a groupon 
to Legendary Donuts, and delivering some as a little surprise!

~hot cocoa~
i'm not worried about the calories because we have to go to Costco,

via pinterest
and  put Christmas away. 
tomorrow it's back to daily workouts, business as usual, and
more days filled with ordinary and extraordinary miracles!

via pinterest
do i really have to put all of the twinkle lights away?


Sunday, January 1, 2012

January's "glassybaby" give a way...

Good First Day, 2012!


i am keeping all of  the previous month's entries!


if you have tried before, your chance to win will be greater!

if you are new to try, welcome!





if you would like a chance to win...

1.visit glassybaby 

2.pick your favorite!

3. leave a comment stating your fave!

that's it!   simple!

~ start here! ~

believe ~ friendship ~ peaceful ~ joy & gratitude!

what a great way to start the New Year!

(the give a way will close on January 25th!)