Saturday, November 26, 2011

the last peek at Thanksgiving and the November glassy baby WINNER!

Thanksgiving at our place is a  busy yet joyous ride.
with all the the effort that goes into hosting, we didn't forget
the bread in the oven...but we did forget to take a photo of 
the tables before we dined.

a few of you asked me to photograph the centerpieces.
i must admit...they will be on our farm table for the weekend,
as i absolutely loved how the turned out!

 the centerpiece on the farm table.
(have i mentioned how much i love laundered burlap?)

the Pilgrims are from my Mom's  past Thanksgiving tablescapes. 
they resided on the kid's table with baskets that held vegetables, fruit and
 a vintage tablespoon and butter knife
from my grandmother's Thanksgiving place settings.

each guest took home gifts. everyone kept their napkin (a T-towel from Ikea),
their "rendre grace" clay tag {love you, Jami}, the girls were given two small pouches, 
one with  lavender and  the other with bay leaves from our back yard, and the guys... 
...just a wee bit of Jameson!

~ * ~

the winner of the



give ~ a ~ way 


Diana, please send me your address in an email!

we'll be playing glassybaby give a way  each month until

next September, so there will be more chances to win ahead!

~ * ~

i wish you a Washington State Apple Cup of

love Saturday!



Friday, November 25, 2011

GNN...the Good News Network...for goodness sake!

most of you know that my son Jay is a  sports anchor / reporter 
at KTVB in Boise, Idaho. he called on the day before Thanksgiving and said, 

"Mom, i had the best time. we got to go on a shopping spree in 
the toy department at Fred Meyer. all of the toys were donated
 to The Salvation Army! you can see the video tonight on the news."

~ video here ~

i miss Jay.

 he won't be home for the holidays this year as he busy with work covering the 
the Boise State Broncos and their bid to play in a bowl game. he may be spending Christmas Day
in one of your home towns (excluding my international friends of course).


it's the last day to enter the November glassybaby give a way!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

rendre grace...

~thank you, Jami...i love you!~

Jami  at freckled laundry is such a doll...a few weeks ago, i emailed her and
asked if she could make me some custom tags for Thanksgiving.
i told her that i would love to have them to be rolled in linen...and say...
... rendre grace!
(it's English translation..."thanks to...")

the tags will be the final touch to keepsake favors that i am making for our
Thanksgiving farm table!

oh! or two for our chandie!

~* ~

~today is my father's 82nd birthday!~

Whistler, BC, Canada ~ January 2011
how thankful i am to have both of my parents seated at our Thanksgiving table.
Mom called last night to tell me that "she won't be a cougar any longer,
 (she turned 82 in August), now that Dad is 82.
~ smile~
the photograph above was taken at Whistler, BC.
we had the sweetest waitress from New Zealand!

Happy Birthday, Daddy John!


Monday, November 21, 2011

warm, cozy & fun moments...sweater sweet!

it's going to get busy!

don't forget to take 5...and get cozy!


i just did!

ooops! times up! 

off  to work out and work!  

it's the Monday before Thanksgiving!

Lot's of LOVE,  the GOOD EATS and WONDER ahead!