Saturday, September 17, 2011's time for Fall!

pinterest has been deemed a waste of time by some.

but i find it a whole new way of keeping in touch!

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it just may need to be added to the definition of "share"
 at Webster's!

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while i am on the subject of sharing......
a package arrived at our home yesterday. there were several
items that i purchased here.

i had been waiting with anticipation for the perfect pumpkin!
( i will share a story about the other contents soon)
this  perfect little pumpkin is filling our Saturday morning with
 Fall's sweet fragrance as i write.

i LOVE it, Donna!

Donna is firstly, a dear blog friend, however have grown to share our love
 of  beauty in life and spirituality at Pinterest as well!


mr d and i have a busy day planned. we're adding a layer to the
sub-floor in our dining room and laying down a new floor!

i hope to show you the results next week!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

a trip to Ikea, some "mini - me" kitchens and a WINNER!

yesterday morning, Chrislyn called and said,
"Mom, is there anything that you need at Ikea?"
"i think that i would like to take Holland on a little outing." 

(i go in to work a little later on Wednesdays, because
 the doc's are busy doing surgery!)


 we had our first three generation girls shopping trip.
Holland was a very good little girl. Ikea is a perfect place...lots of
lights and colors for a 3 month old. we were there exactly one hour, and spent
 a little more time in the kiddie area on this visit. of course i purchased a
little "something ~ something" for her from  her "G.Ma & G.Pa"!


the answer to the question, do you need anything at Ikea,
is on our dining table this morning.

Chrislyn and Jason are planning to convert a room adjacent to
their living room into a library / playroom. she has been
busy on Pinterest collecting inspiration. yesterday, she asked me to
check out some of the little hand crafted kitchens that she pinned.

i just have to share some of the DIY cuteness with you.

~ via ~

~ via ~

the next one is actually my favorite...

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it's made from a nightstand! i love the idea of
changing the images in the frame to reflect the different
seasons or to display her first artwork!

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now for the winner of my very first 
give a way!

i used random org.
it drew the number 3!


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i will email Arcadian Lighting and arrange for you to receive your
special shopping code!


thank you to all that entered! tomorrow i
will be taking the day off from posting to
go out and meet some of my new followers!

Thank you...Arcadian Lighting!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

falling back in love with

you may remember back in August
when i posted a little story about white

this is a photo of  my kitchen window on the day of that post!

since the post, the walls have been painted a semi gloss white!

~ and ~

last weekend, we tackled the old kitchen floor.

it was 31 years old and very worn. (i know, it's
not i write this i am reminded of my blog friend, Jane's
post yesterday comparing our homes with reality TV!)
love ya, Jane!

so long 1979!

one last peek...

here is my kitchen window this morning at about 5:45 am!
now remember, we are still in transition...i'm "being REAL!"

this is the photo that inspired the floors...

...and this image inspired the LOOK!
i found this very cool striped rug at Crate & Barrel.

for our Lab,  Chocolate Gousse, who's place setting is on the 
kitchen floor, i am going to order...
one of these fabulous mats from Ballard Designs.
she eats out of white souffle dishes, so she will be
feeling very French at mealtime!

~ * ~

it's going to be awhile before we change the cupboards and the 
counters, but i do think that the recent love bestowed upon our old kitchen
 qualifies me to join Laura's "Fall In Love With Your Home"
link party today  ~here~


 the odds are good!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Autumn notes...there's a little country in this city girl's heart!

Chrislyn and Jay attended Washington State University in Pullman.
 the university is located in an eastern region of our beautiful state 
called the Palouse. our first visits to the Palouse began ten years ago, 
on the day we moved Chrislyn to college.

not far from Pullman is a place called Uniontown.
there, stands The Artisan's one of my favorite
places to stop and gaze, and listen to the wind.

Jay's first job after college was sports director at
KLEW TV in Lewiston, Idaho, just 30 miles from 
Pullman, which has allowed mr d and i to continue our
visits to the Palouse and Uniontown.

the images that i share today are from our visit this summer.

i was editing the photographs this morning and couldn't
believe how wonderful they translated our visit.

 the barn is a gallery inside...

...and out!

my sweet little point and shoot captured that little
spark of  rural charm that lives in my heart,
on that perfect day on the Palouse!


two days left to ente the 75.00 give a way
from Arcadian Lighting!
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Autumn notes...listening to the wheat fields...

have you ever stood in a wheat field 
and listened to the wind?  

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it's God's perfect white noise.

~ have a peaceful Monday ~


don't forget to enter the give a way!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dear France, thank you for your amazing gift...

...i will always love her.

on the morning of September 11, 2001, i was on 
my way to work at Northwest Airlines.
 for the 21 days to follow, i spoke with airline employees 
and stranded passengers all over our world. our job was to
eventually bring everyone home safe once again...
and we ALL did! it was a time to gather stones
precious hearts. i learned so much about the spirit of 
humanity. i will never forget that good and
 gracious hearts rise above evil!
~ * ~
~we will never forget the loss of life, and the 
hearts of those in grief, here in America,
and all over the world !~