Friday, August 26, 2011

i'm dreaming of a white kitchen...

i have a simple little L shaped kitchen.

today my sweet little kitchen...

 is in transition,

because mr. D took two days of his vacation,

to paint my dream.

here's to a weekend of living your dreams!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Craig's List cabinet...$200.00.

happy Thursday everyone!
lately we have found some great 
finds on Craig's List.
we needed a cabinet to hold our
dishes and serving pieces. as you know, 
we are in the midst of a "whole house
extreme make over", so the budget is tight .

mr. D found this on Craig's list for $200.00. 
we checked it out. it was a perfect fit.

it's a place for dish stacking! the top drawer holds
our most often used linens, and the bottom drawer
holds all of the dreaded cords and accessories for
 the electronics. ( yeah!)
the fan on the top of the cabinet is one of the first
antique pieces that mr. D and i purchased over 30 years ago.
 it was from an old ship. the blades are brass! it still works
and serves it's purpose on warm Summer days.

keep cool!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

time for a change, chandee... the Paris color project

most of you know that i decorated my
charming chandee with lavender and 
baseballs for July and August. it was my own little
subtle red, white and blue, and my sometimes
passion to place the ridiculous with the sublime!

the baseballs, were from my son's childhood collection.
he can tell you where each was caught,
or given to him by one of his favorite players., it's goodbye baseballs.

i removed the bundles of lavender, harvested
from the backyard. they have filled the room with fragrance
for about three weeks.

to fill in the blanks, i found these wonderful
"Postcards from Paris"


the images are from Nichole's
Paris color project. i was lucky to catch her
two for one postcard sale!

the sale is still going today at her Etsy shop


now our chandee is French chic once more,
as it reflects Nichole's Paris color green!

(i kept the little bundles that i made with Maria's lavender!)

the dining area is still in transition.
with the chandee's now all about coffee in the sunbeams
 on this perfect  PacNWest Summer day!


Monday, August 22, 2011

The Unique Bridal Boutique and Styling Salon

last Friday was HAIR DAY!

as you can see it was a perfect PacNWest day.( i drive about 15 miles north to
a place called The Unique Bridal Boutique and Styling Salon.)

the salon is near the area where i grew up, in a little community called Olde Burien.
 Friday's visit marked the two years that Glenda has been styling my hair.

Chrislyn and i met Glenda when we were shopping  for her wedding.

her boutique ~ salon is filled with exquisite handmade jewelry, headpieces
 bridal veils, and garters. many of her pieces are made with vintage materials.

if you cannot find your dream wedding accessories within this amazing selection,

Glenda will customize.

she made the most beautiful pieces for Chrislyn, her attendants, and for
Jason's mom and me.( i will talk about Chrislyn and Jason's wedding
in September, as i didn't have a blog at the time their special day.)

here is a closer view of some of  her beautiful headbands.

her garters are amazing...each has a tiny blue swarovski crystal
for the bride's "something blue"!

the shoppe is filled will sparkle and sheer romance for the beautiful bride to be.

Glenda also creates amazing one of a kind jewelry. i will photograph that part of her
 business on my next HAIR DAY.

her calling cards reflect her gracious heart!

find some sparkle on this late August Monday!