Saturday, June 11, 2011

here's a story...

of a pretty young lady...

who met an amazing guy.

they fell in love...

and were married on the
 most beautiful Fall day in
the year of 2009.


in January of 2011,
they were blessed with
the news that confirmed that
they were having a baby girl!

daddy took that plain white room


" pretty in pink"

and the transition began...

 mommy made a sweet collage...
inspired by
a quilt from the land of nod.

"honey, i shrunk the doll clothes!"

she added...more finishing touches
from "Nod" and " PB kids...

...and made this precious piece,
with photos of
"she & J" when they were "littles".
sweetly framed in paper flowers,
it hangs on the gallery wall that is
planned to grow above their new love's crib!

a welcome for a precious baby girl!

(only days to go!)

[with can you tell i'm excited love]

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday's wrap!


she paints gifts!

she calls this painting...

visit Karen's blog here!


i thought this would be a perfect
 package topping  for a girlfriend
that landed a new job!
 i copied Karen's amazing
image and took it on a picnik. 
i then printed the image
on linen textured card stock!

you know how i always try to
embellish my gifts with a little gift. i love
these little silver toned place card holders...

you can buy them on line for about
a dollar to a dollar fifty
she can use it to hold a recipe or a photo
on her new desk at her new digs!

[with love]


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

reading "rue"!


the images below caught my eye
as i was paging through the latest
edition of the very eclectic e~zine "rue".

someone actually lives here!
i love how the pillows are not lined up
in stiff little rows.  their plopped!
hi little pooch!

"lived in" style
this photograph sings...
"easy like Sunday morning"
to's like image was caught just
after the "fam" was called to breakfast!
the only thing missing is the laptop!

for more images by the amazing
Meagan Camp ...visit RUE
by clicking on the image below!

[with rue 34 love]

Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday's pop up market..."freckled pink!"

freckled laundry...

i just couldn't believe my eyes when I
opened the box!

soon Chrislyn and Jason will be passing the
 claybabytags and a few pink bubble gum cigars
to celebrate the arrival of their new baby girl.

i'll keep you posted!


visit Jami here for the
rest of the story!

[with love]

Sunday, June 5, 2011

simply stated Sunday...

[cloche encounters]









[with love]

P.S.  Yes, I changed my background back to white...
once I figured out the whole blogger picture window 
template thing, I decided to go back
 to my simply stated self,
I apologize for my crazy design roller coaster ride
this week. I'm "down to earth once more!" 
Have an amazing week! XO